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6 Desserts Ingredients That Can Fight A Weak Immune System

With the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), people are buying out stores for supplies and ingredients because they need to bunk down at home. So right now you might be someone with options in your fridge and a craving for sugar.   Or maybe you simply just want a healthy snack.   If you […]

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Satisfy your midnight cravings with these Healthy snacks !!

Most of the time, it’s because we choose to eat dinner early or we were so into our Netflix that we lost track of the time. And the next thing we know is that our tummy is growling and a snack is desperately in need! But we’ve been told a thousand times that it’s not […]

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Best places for Hair removal : Get Smooth & Hair-free Skin for weeks !!!

A woman myself, I would say nothing is more tiring and time consuming than hair removal. It drains you out mentally and physically. It can be uncomfortable, painful at times and very messy. I can assure you that hair removal is a long term commitment, there’s definitely no turning back once it’s done! However, no […]

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The Lazy Girl Workout! Burn the fat with minimal movement.

We all want to have that fit body but sometimes we are just too lazy to even get up from our bed. The thought of heading to the gym itself is good enough to wear us down .Like come on, we all have days where all we want to do is to stay in and […]

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Korean skin care hacks: Get that flawless skin !!

  Koreans are often known for their flawless skin due to their unique skin care routine that is instilled in their everyday lives. It can be very extensive than what you’re used to because there are a minimum of 10 STEPS !!! Yes! Imagine having to do these 10 steps every morning and night! However, […]

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Cleanse your body with these incredibly easy to make Detox Water !

Your schedule could be very hectic and sometimes you would feel like you could barely get through the day without any sort of energy boosting drinks. However, too much of caffeine and sugar consumed from numerous cups of coffee and tea or even energy boosting drinks such as Redbull would do more harm than good. […]

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5 Aromatherapy benefits that will bring out the best in you

Your sense of smell is way more important than you think. A sense of smell has a direct effect on your brain. Scientists have  also discovered that smelling does not only have to do with your nose but also other scent receptors in your body. No wonder you get a tingly feeling when you smell […]

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How to eat and lose that pounds at the same time

Okay, Let’s be honest here. No matter how strict we are with our diet, there are times where we end up mowing down all the food that we plan to avoid – ending up with no progress. We have always been told that snacking can be bad for us as it would more likely sabotage […]

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5 Reasons how Yoga can change your life

It makes you smarter Believe it or not, yoga improves the brain’s ability which allows the brain to react quickly and accurately. Most exercises allows you to either zone in or zone out, but yoga encourages you to focus on the present and reflect. The mindful awareness you have while doing yoga would trigger the […]

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