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Nail Classes Malaysia | Short Class in KL PJThe practice of nail art is a worldwide fashion statement nowadays. Girls not only want to dress well, put on make-up and do something on their hair, but they now even embellish their nails. Learning nail art can make you more valuable, help you to deck out yourself in fineness and add much fun to your life as a women. We have nail art specialists with outstanding training and experience for teaching who run their nail art business to provide professional express nail art class to you and yet we have many venues and dates on offer in KL and all around Selangor such as Shah Alam, Subang, Klang and Petaling Jaya.
We providing a variety of nail art classes including simple nail art design, stripe nail art design, simple flower nail art design, cartoon nail art design, caviar nail art design, dotting manicure and so on to cater for different style of nail art lover. Our nail artist will teach you the do’s and don’ts during performing nail art. Students will be learning and completing practical sessions coupled with detailed theory explanations to make sure complete understanding of every detail in doing nail art and using of tools and equipment. There are a number of brushes to do nail art, namely liner brush, shader brush, fan brush, dotter brush, detailer brush, angular brush and so on.
Our nail art class will teach you the very basic concepts of nail art which you can apply to many future nail art manicures. Through our nail art classes, you will learn basic nail art including nail structure, tools of nail, colouring, filling & buffing, various nail art design, rhinestone and sticker design. On completion, you will also know how to polish the nail properly appropriate colours, designs and varnish finish.