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My Weekend Plan offers various kinds of Health and Wellness classes such as yoga classes, badminton courses, squash courses, aromatherapy classes and many more ! Living in a busy world like today, we often neglect our own health and wellness. When was the last time you cleared your mind and relaxed? Letting our body and mind relax is very important in leading a healthy lifestyle. Getting some rest time for your body would bring out the better version of you by making you feel good about yourself and also boost up your concentration. Through our Health and Wellness classes, you could experience inner calm and a way to relax yourself physically and mentally. Our instructors are all well-trained,certified and certainly capable of assisting you throughout the classes and courses. They will guide you step-by-step so you don’t have to worry on not being able to catch up. By joining the few hours of our Health and Wellness classes, you would be able to learn fundamental knowledge of the courses chosen, for example yoga – Different positions that could relax your mind. These classes would definitely help lighten up your mood and boost up your concentration. As we all know, nurturing our mind and body takes time, these classes would for sure help you improve yourself in many aspects of your life in a long term ! These skills could really help you strengthen your body and mind and help you lead a more productive lifestyle. Other than that, classes would be fun to go if it’s with closed friends and family members so don’t hesitate to grab them with you to make your classes more fun and memorable. Classes like yoga would sometime hold a retreat to certain places to do yoga and don’t tell me that does not tempt you! In a nutshell, these classes would not only bring lots of benefits to your health physically and mentally but also an experience you will want more ! What are you still waiting for ? Come join us!