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Leading Employees Team Bonding

The way we approach employee’s bonding today is very inaccurate. With the younger workforce joining your company, you need to appeal to their wants and needs. Join over 10 thousand people doing it the right way! At MWP we believe real human connection is the key to success. Traditional schooling provided us with the knowledge for jobs. However, it ignores the areas where human connection is used to make an impact for more extraordinary and meaningful lives. This is where My Weekend Plan has the upper hand. This is why our approach to team bonding defies tradition.

1.0 Cultivate Love

With all the deadlines and office politics going on at the workplace, it is difficult to create a loving culture within the company. Employees now have the opportunity to lower their walls and bond with one another across departments.

2.0 Create Happiness

By caring for one another, your colleagues would be happier to work with one another, fostering more collaborations and open communication. As a result, company morale and productivity will also increase.

3.0 Deliver Satisfaction

A happy team also translates to happy customers which results in better sales and performance. This positive energy will have a ripple effect, motivating others to perform better as well.

Over 30+ Exciting and Unique Monthly Activities

We are creating a more responsive and connected workplace by leading people to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for people around them.

Baking Class

Don’t underestimate how food can bring colleagues and friends together with recipe challenges that tests your team’s communication and teamwork! Why not bake your very own bread, cakes, tarts, cookies, pastries with us? You can relieve stress while indulging in chocolate and healthy carbs!

Stress Relieve
Scones & Muffins

Cooking Class

Figure out how to overcome obstacles through our team bonding sessions and learn new recipes and skill for Malaysia’s No.1 hobby; Cooking and Eating! You could be someone who can cook a 5 course meal or make burnt toast, by joining us for a cooking workshop, your team can learn Western, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Chinese cooking and more!

Stress Relieve
asian 1
western 1

Art and Craft

Creativity is one of the essential criterias in a modern working environment. While it may not seem like an important criteria in the workplace, a creative solution can encourage productivity and effectiveness. Our Creative Team Bonding activities are specially designed to get your team’s creativity juices flowing.

Critical thinking
art jamming workshop
Art Jamming
brush lettering workshop
Brush Lettering
batik workshop
paper flower image
Paper Flower
soap making workshop
Soap Making
clay art workshop
Clay Art

Health and Wellness

Inspire your team to live healthier and get on track to their healthiest selves. Our effective corporate wellness programs can help reduce sick days, boost productivity and increase morale. Motivate your employees to hit benchmarks outside the office by showing them you care.

Physical Health
Brain Health
Energy Boost
yoga workshop
metafit workshop
zumba class
piloxing class

Personal Development

Personal development is key to satisfaction and growth in all aspects of life. Our Programme is designed to help your team become more effective, organized, and thoughtful person. Your team members will even discover some really helpful life tricks that will make their day-to-day life much less stressful.

Career Growth
Problem Solving
photography class
public speaking class
Public Speaking
marketing class


Today, the impressions your team cast on other people do matter a lot. The way people perceive your team member’s image holds a lot of weight in life. We help professionals like you to recreate their looks impressively so that their confidence speaks and personality blooms. “Reinvent Yourself, Make a Lasting Impression”

Self Learning
Organize Things
Problem Solving
gromming class 1
makeup class
Personal Makeup

Bring My Weekend Plan
Into Your Community Or Business

For Friends & Family

Have a fun and interactive time with friends and family where we provide an environment that is ideal for bonding and connecting with your loved ones.

For Organisation

Give your community an enjoyable and productive weekend! Show them the importance of a strong bond and positive and happy relationships within your community.

For Corporations

Show your team love and support that nurtures their minds and show how much you value their career and personal growth.

Client Testimonials

Alison was a wonderful instructor and the lesson was very hands-on. She made sure that all the participants understood the instructions and learnt something. She also taught us some tips and tricks on making kimchi which is actually very handy. The workshop provides an outlet to unwind and at the same time learn something new.


SC Johnson

Thanks My Weekend Plan for making our event a success. The parents and kids were indeed happy, I even got some of the feedback from parents, requesting to organize more of such events. Overall the activity was good!


Eco Ardence

Overall it was a fun team building activity. It gives a the opportunity to foster teamwork and believe that we can conquer difficult situations when we work together. It is great for our own personal growth and team growth.



Thank you very much for conducting our team bonding session. I’m sure my team enjoyed themselves, and they loved the room deco. Thanks to all the team members that made this event a success.



Hi My Weekend Plan team thank you so much for the great service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys. Look forward to work with you soon again. Thanks again for the great job!


Tropicana Corporation Berhad

Thank you My Weekend Plan for the wonderful baking team building! My team and myself enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the support to realize this activity.



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