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Discover the beauty and history Batik has to offer.

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Most of us heard of Batik and some might even learn Batik painting during your schooling time before. However, how many of us truly understand the beauty of batik? Most of us have heard of “Batik” and some might have dabbled in Batik during high school. However, how many of us are truly aware of the beauty and history Batik has to offer.

Batik originated in Indonesia and with the usage of wax resist together with the dye process, it can make different design layers to emerge on a textile. Originating from Indonesia, Batik uses a special blend of wax and fabric dye to create many intricate designs. Designs often vary from traditional with Indonesian, Malay and Chinese influence to cute and fun drawings of animals and flowers.

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Encourages Creative Thinking

When it comes to the workplace, creativity is an extremely vital skill to possess, and yet seems to be rather disregarded. In order to be creative, people have to step out of their comfort zones to take risks and achieve new objectives, and this may seem daunting to a few. However, Batik Workshops are conducted in a relaxing and non-judgemental environment.

Develops Team Bonding

Good team bonding means better collaboration. And better collaboration means a more effective work performance. This is the definition of synergy. As such, attending Batik Workshops not only benefits the attendees on a personal level but also improves the performance of the business. It’s no wonder that everyone says that teamwork makes the dream work!


This is a no-brainer. Aside from providing a fun and enjoyable experience, Batik Workshops also serve as a temporary getaway for people to escape their hectic working life and take a step back.

Our Package

It is a great way to teach hands-on skills as it gives learners an opportunity to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment.







Package Details

Our Package Includes

  • 1.5 Hours Session
  • Step by step creating your own Batik Painting
  • Batik Painting Kit delivered right to your door
  • The materials include 6 colors compartments to mix and match from four main colors, 1 Paper Cup, Art Piece, Wooden Frame, A brush, 2 Simple Design from clients (No extra charges)
  • Minimum Pax: 10
  • Instructors: Professional Live Facilitation Included
  • It is a great way to teach hands-on skills as it gives learners an
    opportunity to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment.
  • 100% Online: Great for Remote Teams and Working from Home

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What if I don’t have an oven at home?

No need to worry! Since this is a no-bake cheesecake workshop, no oven is needed in this workshop. 

How long can I keep?

Best to consume it within 5 days for the case that cheesecake is being kept in the chiller.

Where can I keep the cheesecake?

You may keep it in the chiller to avoid it from melting.

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