Lesson Provider Guidelines

Want to know more about how to become out Lesson Providers? Check out our guidelines!

How My Weekend Plan works?

What is My Weekend Plan?

My Weekend Plan connects Providers with users from Malaysia. As one of our Providers, you are free to list any of your workshops on our website. You set your own workshop fee and lesson details, and bam~! Your opportunity for new students grows exponentially. You can choose to conduct your workshops wherever you like; your home, studio, a coffee shop, library, park, etc as long as it is a conducive and comfortable learning environment. In addition to your professional profile, we also provide awesome tools to make managing your business a total breeze.

How It Works
1 Users search for a workshop by going to www.myweekendplan.com.my
2 Users can sign up and secure a slot with you through your workshop listing on our website
3 We handle all billings and pay you monthly for the workshops that you have conducted

Pretty cool, right? With My Weekend Plan, you get to focus on what you do best (teaching!) and we help out with the rest. We see technology as a way to make life easier, and we aim to building tools to better support Providers like you.

Our cloud-based software is free and will help you streamline the day-to-day management of your business, including scheduling and communication. When you need more students, tap into our marketplace and get visibility to many more potential new students.

Why should I be listed on My Weekend Plan?

My Weekend Plan is a marketplace that brings enthusiastic individuals who want to share their knowledge and skills with the curious minds of Malaysia. You can be our Provider or a Student, both who will greatly benefit from My Weekend Plan.


We offer the simplest way to help you grow your teaching business;

1. FREE Listing
You will have a FREE profile, and a great deal of students can access our site and discover your workshops! It’s 100% risk free without any upfront payment.

2. EASY Access & EFFECTIVE Marketing Campaign
Besides our website being easily accessible, our team is always there to help and tend to student’s inquiries and doubts to help them have a positive experience. We also constantly organize marketing campaigns. We have nationwide lesson fairs to attract more students and cultivate the culture of learning. You can tap onto My Weekend Plan to increase your lesson exposure in different areas of Malaysia.

3. Focus on what you LOVE
With the targeted marketing by team of My Weekend Plan, now you can focus on teaching, leave the rest to us.

4. Event Space
If you do not have a space to hold your lessons, not to worry! We have an event space for you to use at a very minimal rental fee!

5. Large marketing platform
Instead of only getting students from a single source, make use of our large platform that brings in many recurring and new students that you can appeal to grow your business.

How do I get paid for the workshops that I have conducted?

As a Provider of My Weekend Plan, you agree that all transactions with My Weekend Plan students will be processed through us. At no point should you accept money directly from My Weekend Plan students. Other sites charge an up-front listing fee, an ongoing membership fee, or they charge you for each lead. Not us! We only make money when you do! Failure to comply with this guideline will result in your immediate removal from our site. That means our partnership would be over, and nobody wants that!

You will also receive a sales summary via email at the end of every month which includes payments due for all conducted classes for the current month.

My Weekend Plan will make payment to your designated bank account via Internet Banking after you have reviewed and confirmed the details. Please allow at least 3 working days for the payment to be processed by your Financial Service Provider.

Are there any fees associated with your service?

There is no monthly subscription for listing your workshops at My Weekend Plan. It is totally 100% risk free, you do not have to pay us any upfront fees. Meanwhile the only service charge from MWP is when we receive is when a student registers and makes payment for your workshop. After we have confirmed that the student has attended your workshop, we will automatically deduct our service charge from the workshop fees, and the balance will be transfer back to your bank every 1st week of the following month.

How do I get listed on your website?

To become one of our lesson providers, please contact our support team at 016 691 2722 via whatsapp or call. Our support team would like to hear from you to get a better understanding of the workshop that you provide!

What are the requirements for being listed as a My Weekend Plan instructor?

We would love to work with you if you have the intention to teach and willingness to guide other people with your skills. Either you work as individual, have a team or from an education institution, My Weekend Plan will help to market your workshop effectively!

A “Getting to know you” session will be conducted where our MWP team will ask you a few questions about your workshop and to better understand the aim, purpose and details of the workshop. During this session, we will also further explain the role, responsibilities, policies and procedures of MWP and answer any questions that you may have regarding this partnership.

How do I select which subjects/services I offer?

When you sign up to become our Provider, you will be asked to select a category of your workshop. If it is not listed in our list, do send us an email with your request to add a category.

At any time you wish to add or change your category, do inform us as well so we can make the necessary changes.

Submit a request / inquiry form: HERE
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 016 691 2722

How do new students find me?

To make it easier for students to find you, your workshop page should be attractive. Follow these guidelines to improve the chances of you getting more students!

1. Having clear, vibrant, artistic pictures of your product or past workshops.
2. By providing us with all the information regarding your workshop during registration as our Provider.
3. Include an outstanding write-up of yourself (as an instructor)
4. Be readily available to be contacted via Whatsapp to answer any questions that we will be relaying to you

Am I guaranteed to get new students?

Every Provider’s experience on our site is different – some receive new students right away and others have waited several months to receive their first student. Why? This variance can be influenced by two main factors;
(1) the demand for local workshops in your subjects and
(2) how informative and attractive your product page is.

Students pick their workshops based on many different attributes including travel distance, availability, student reviews, level and style of teaching, product and event photos, etc. We have come to realize that the more detailed and informative your product page is, the more chances of you getting a student. This may be because that with all the information online, it makes it easier for students to make a decision. this may also be because with a detailed and well written product page, you will seem more professional and trustworthy. Thus, increasing the chances that their investment in your lessons are good choices!
There are other things you can do to improve your chances, too, such as asking former students to leave positive reviews on your product page.
*Please note: We do not call before placing a new student with you! Students are booked based on a Provider’s availability, so if you have your workshop listed, we’ll assume you are available to teach!

If you would like to change your workshop listing status, contact us at;
Submit a request / inquiry form: HERE
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 016 691 2722

Are there any requirements or restrictions for where I teach?

At My Weekend Plan, we don’t dictate where or when you teach lessons. As an independent contractor, you can teach wherever you want as long as it’s professional and conducive to quality learning.During your account setup process, you’ll indicate exactly where you teach. You can also customize your workshop fees based on teaching location.

With My Weekend Plan, you can teach:
-At your location (e.g. your home, church, school, nearby library or cafe, or personal studio space)
-On the go (i.e. travel to your students)
-My Weekend Plan HQ (we do offer a discounted rate to all our Providers. Contact us to find out more!)

Lessons happening in a home environment must take place in a clean professional environment (i.e. no bedrooms, creepy basements, or any other unprofessional location)