Provider Guidelines

Want to know more about how to become our Provider? Check out our guidelines!

Marketing Yourself

What are some tips to make my workshop stand out?

We encourage you to include details about every workshop you offer. When a student searches for one of the workshops you teach, we’ll pre-fill your profile with the details you’ve entered about that workshop so students get a better sense about what workshops with you will be like.
If you haven’t entered service details for your workshop, your students may not have enough information about your workshop when making comparison between other workshops.

Use this section to up sell yourself. Include past achievements and experiences to increase your credibility.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to put in a good work for you! The more reviews you get, the higher your ratings will be! Not to mention, you will have a higher chance of getting students for your workshop if they read positive reviews on our page 🙂

Why are reviews so important?

Did you know that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? (BrightLocal) Let’s put that in context: When 10 people visit your page, 8 of them will treat your reviews like a personal recommendation from a mutual friend. That’s powerful!

So start getting your reviews in!

What I should write in my workshop outline?

Your lesson outline is crucial as students will look here to get an idea of what to expect from your lesson. If you do not include a descriptive and attractive outline, chances are the student will be confused and may not be attracted to sign up for your lesson.

Here are some tips on how to make your outline more attractive
#Make sure your sentences are well written with no grammar mistakes
This will affect how students will view you as a provider, if your sentences are well structured and your choice of words shows excitement and professionalism, students would have a more positive experience from your page.

#Include workshop details such as language spoken, tools needed, materials provided
This will help students prepare for the workshop. if you do not have these details, students will be unsure of what to expect and may result into them not registering for your workshop.

What types of pictures should I add to my workshop?

Pictures that you provide should be of high quality with good composition and correct color calibration.

Here are a few tips for you when you are taking your pictures!
# Use a good camera that can produce good quality images
# To focus on a product, using the “bokeh” method can help make your product stand out
# Take candid pictures of students and instructors during the class.
# Take group pictures of students with their products
# Use the rule of thirds when framing your picture