Lesson Provider Guidelines

Want to know more about how to become out Lesson Providers? Check out our guidelines!

Getting new Students

What happens when I get a student through My Weekend Plan?

What will happen?

My Weekend Plan’s support team will contact you and connect you with the student.


Send your students a welcome message!

Students would be nervous before the workshop, so send them a warm welcome message to break the ice! Showing that you care for your students would help you boost your rapport, positive reviews and increase the number of your loyal students!

Send your students a friendly reminder 1-2 days before the scheduled date. 

Sending your students a reminder before the workshop will ensure they don’t accidentally forget! Also, you can include a checklist and last minute tips such as parking or public transport advise!

How do students book workshops?

Students will browse our website www.myweekendplan.com.my to find workshops that they are interested in!

We have a variety of workshops from baking, flower arrangement to crafting and personal development courses for students to choose from!

once the student has chosen which workshop to go for, they will just have to scroll to the bottom and purchase a slot for the workshop!

Follow the instructions to bank in the fees to us and its done!

We will send the confirmed students an attendance email and we will connect you and the student. You may communicate with the student once you have been connected with the student.

How and when do students pay for workshops?

After students choose their workshops, all they have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and choose how many slots they would like to purchase.

Then, follow the instructions given to make the payment either through ATM or Direct Bank Transfer. and they are done!

How do I decline a new student?

When you list your workshop with us, you will be asked for the maximum capacity of your workshop. We will follow that capacity unless you have filled in the slots with non-My Weekend Plan students. At this point, do contact us to inform us to close the registration for your lesson. If we do not receive any request, we will remain the closing date for registration 3 days before the commencement date.