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Embark on a painting journey.

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Embark on a painting journey and explore techniques and mediums specific to acrylic paints. You will learn how to combine techniques to produce different effects, how to blend, control drying speed, create a non-drying palette, create textures and wet on wet effects.

This intensive workshop is great for beginners and more experienced painters who want to perfect their techniques.

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You are learning something new

Maybe you’ll find something you’re good at! By taking a workshop you might find a new talent you didn’t know you had that turns into a lasting hobby. And if it is something you have tried out before, this could be a great opportunity to learn a different approach or technique while connecting with other like-minded people.

You have something you can take with you

By the end of your workshop, you will have something physical that you can bring home. Whether you want to give it to someone you love or display it in your home, it’s a thing you can be proud of and is guaranteed to make you smile.

It’s good for your brain

Art is a great stress reliever. It can be an outlet for anyone who wants to express their emotions or a space to be creative. Using your hands and being inventive is good for your well-being. Also, we all know it’s
important to take time for yourself, and a workshop is a great place to
do that.

Our Package

It is a great way to teach hands-on skills as it gives learners an opportunity to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment.







Package Details

Our Package Includes

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours Experience including setting up & de-brief
  • Acrylic Painting DIY Kit Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep
  • Minimum Pax: 10 Pax
  • Materials Included, canvas Size 10′ x 8′ (25cm x 21 cm),
    Acrylic paints ( 6 ~ 7 colors ), 2 x brushes, flat and point, 1 x
    cow reference print out for tracing,1 x 2b pencil
  • Benefits: Reduces stress, allows you to relax, and clear your
    thoughts, and allows you to take a break from your hectic
  • 100% Online: Perfect for Working from Home, Remote
  • Join the workshop to add some vibrancy to your life

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does acrylic paint dry darker?

Acrylic paint can actually dry a shade darker than they appear when wet. To determine what shade the final dried result will be, do a test patch on a canvas pad, panel, or acrylic painting pad.

Does acrylic paint dry fast?

Acrylic paint is naturally very fast drying, so it’s important to develop a habit of painting quickly. Remember that once the paint is dry, it cannot be re-activated.

What surface should I use for acrylic painting?

Acrylic paints look fantastic on canvas, however, one of the best things about acrylic paint is that it can be used on practically any porous surface that has been prepared. This includes Paper and Cardboard, Wood, Fabric, Metal, and Glass.

What is acrylic paint made from?

Acrylic paint is made from pigment and plasticizers and acrylic polymer emulsion, and are water-based, and are typically water-resistant once fully dried.

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