Cookies Empire

Cookies are made of butter and LOVE

How Does Cookie Empire Works?

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We will split your team into a group of 7-9 players. A maximum of 9 players

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Each group will be assigned to complete a mission to make a delicious cookie that will calm down our Queen~

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Players get to encouraging team awareness and developing teamwork strategies by accomplishing this team building simulation.

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The Storyline

Cookie Empire is a team building simulation that involve role play and storytelling which provide a fun & engaging Disney Team Building Experience.

The story is started with Queen Alison who has a garden full of magical red roses. Once every year when the flowers bloom, she will make special rose tea that will keep her looking young and beautiful.

While A group of ugly goblins found out the secret for the Queen’s beauty and wanted to steal the flowers so they can look like the Korean Oppa and they made it. Queen Alison was super upset to see what had happened to her garden. She thought is was the villagers who did this and decided to catch them one by one for questioning.

If you are the villagers, what will you do?


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Delivering An Unforgettable Team Building Experience

We believe go beyond the basics by demonstrating skills and knowledge that can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary performance. This team building simulation is a combination of dynamic team exercises that anchor on boosting knowledge and skills in certain areas such as teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking, and strategic planning. It’s also a team building session that involve both job skills and living skills that we can use it in our real life. Although the topics addressed by the simulations are suitable for a broad range of audiences, they are uniquely applicable to those companies which are in a fast growing path. As great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.



The players in each group will need to work together to complete the mission given and move forward together in the entire experience.

Problem Solving


This activity builds problem-solving skills as team members need to come up with creative and workable solutions to solve the simulation crisis.



There are crucial decisions to be made during the mission. Therefore, the team will need to discuss among themselves and the choices made will result in a different ending.



We feature some actors in this simulation. Hence, the players will need to communicate effectively and interact with the actors to help them in their mission.

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