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Islamic Archery

Transtel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, Jalan SS 25/35, Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


About My Experience!

Date: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Pm our livechat for classes on weekdays)
Time: 10am-12pm
Age group: 16 years old and above
Level: Beginner

Eureka Islamic Traditional Archery is your journey into the Islamic history, art and culture. Focused to a 1:5 coach to student ratio, the Eureka Islamic Traditional Archery is made safe, exciting, fun and memorable. All participants will be able to take home their own self-made arrows, enjoy fun shoots at our indoor archery range, take home a full digital album and a certificate of participation by Eureka Archery of your historical experience through archery.  Spend your weekend at Wisma Transtel for your Eureka Islamic Traditional Archery experience and be an archer today!
Lesson Outline:

(1) Guided and facilitated by professional coaches and experienced facilitators with a minimum of 5 years experience.

(2) Learn the history of the various Draw types used extensively by the Islamic Empires such as the Saracens, Ottoman Turks, and Persian.

(3) Understand the spiritual significance of archery in the Islamic Teaching with historical texts such as the 14 century manual of archery “Furusiyah al-Muhammadiah”

(4) Experience the equipments and gears used by historical archers with modern replicas.

What is included in the fees: Refreshments
What you can take home with you: Self-made arrows, Full digital album and a Certificate of Participation
What do you need to bring?: Just bring yourself, all is provided

Owner Description

The Eureka Archery enterprise today payed its way since 2013, then known as Eureka Ideas Solution. Eureka Archery's mission is to introduce archery by enabling its availability, affordability and accessibility to the general public. 'Be an archer today!' significantly became Eureka Archery's tagline producing 300 new archers annually with continuous training. Eureka Archery is also an affiliated club with certified coaches under the Pertubuhan Pemanah Tradisional Malaysia (PERTAMA) with direct association to the internationally recognised World Horseback Archery Foundation, Korea (WHAF), World Traditional Archery Organisation, Korea (WTAO) and the Historical, Three-dimensional Hunting International Archery Association, Hungary (HTH-IAA).

Activity Information

Activity Time : 10:00 AM
Duration : 2
Maximum number of people : 10
Reminder to Students : Please wear modestly, and shoes 🙂
Not Available
Class date:
Start time:

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