Types of people that would piss you off during your vacation

  Going on a trip with your friends and family is always better than going alone. However, there are times where we encounter certain types of people that make us go nuts ! A supposedly good trip would always go wrong when they’re there. They’re nothing but a nuisance.   The bossy boss They would […]

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Ways to heal a broken heart

Love can be sweet but it can also be utterly bitter. Anyone who has come out from a heartbreak knows the pain is almost unbearable. You feel as if a little part of you is gone and no matter how hard you try to pull yourself back together, you just fall. The feeling can be […]

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Be proud of your Superdads!!

  Dads often show us their love in different ways. They have always been our hero and a role model to look up to. As we grow up, we realise that no one could ever be as cool as our dad. They always make what it seems impossible possible. They are the only person who […]

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