Going on a trip with your friends and family is always better than going alone. However, there are times where we encounter certain types of people that make us go nuts ! A supposedly good trip would always go wrong when they’re there. They’re nothing but a nuisance.


The bossy boss

They would always think they’re right and expect everyone to follow him/her. They would never give in even after knowing that they are wrong. They will not just boss around on where to go and what to eat but also what you should wear and what souvenirs you should buy. They really get on your nerves and don’t worry, you’re not the only one that has the urge to slap him/her! HAHAHAHA! And you thought your mum is the worst. Well, think again.


The Complainer

It’s okay to complain but it is definitely not okay to complain when he/she gave literally zero input during the planning. Complain about the weather being too hot, too cold, too windy or even too cloudy?! Too tiring, Too far, not worth it ? GO HOME THEN~!

Well, we all know that he/she is nothing but a pain in the butt.


The Selfie freak

They love themselves so much that they just cannot live without taking selfies. They would stay in one location for ‘god knows’ how long for that one perfect selfie. Okay, we know it’s their first time and they’re probably extremely excited. However it is too much when they take selfies in the elevator, in front of the mirror and even a selfie of them with a plant!

The cheapskate

Hello!? we’re here to travel and have fun. Saving money is not one of the objective here! He/She would stop you from trying out all of the famous food there is just because it is pricey. And yes, you would end up eating bread or instant noodles that can be found or bought in Malaysia! What is this ? We didn’t pay to just eat trash food.


The Picky eater

Eating with them is like ordering french fries without fries. It is impossible to find something that can cater to their needs. It’s still okay if he/she chooses to not eat and just remain silent while you and your other friends savour the treat. But NOOO, he/she must voice out his/her thoughts on the food itself. Insulting it by saying it’s disgusting, not worth the money or even disses the shop itself for selling something that is not catered to their taste. Like seriously bro, just go home !


The Angry Bird  

They can be very blunt and would not hold back when it comes to their temper. They would scold you in the middle of the road and would also blame everything on everyone else except for themselves. They lose their temper very easily and it is even worse if they are the type who would hold grudges. These are the worst!! They would definitely spoil everyone’s’ mood and expect everyone to console him/her. How old are you man? Try growing up a little.


The Sloth

Sloths are cute but my friend, you’re not a SLOTH!!! They are so slow you would sometimes feel like choking them. You would miss the bus, the train, the place you would like to visit and *touch wood* lucky enough, you won’t miss the plane. It is very frustrating to go travelling with them because they move slow. They would hinder your schedules and that would lead to not being able to visit all the places you want to go or eat all the food you want to eat.


The Trumpet Mouth

Just like the trumpet, that’s exactly how noisy they can be. They just don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. They would be talking throughout the whole journey. Like man, aren’t you tired ? I mean it’s okay to talk sometimes but not ALL THE DAMN TIME! There are times where all we want to do is rest and use our precious time to have a good look at the beautiful view.

There you have it, types of  people that would do nothing but ruin your sweet vacation. Well, you might want to think twice before asking them to tag along for your next trip! If I were you, I would just choose to go on a solo trip HAHAHAA!