Love can be sweet but it can also be utterly bitter. Anyone who has come out from a heartbreak knows the pain is almost unbearable. You feel as if a little part of you is gone and no matter how hard you try to pull yourself back together, you just fall. The feeling can be so intense that research stated that it feels the same as physical pain.

Mending a broken heart takes time and sometimes years but trust me, it will get better.


Meet up with your friends

Providing comfort for yourself right after a break up is important and what better way then to call your friends over. You don’t necessarily need to talk about your feelings if you don’t feel like sharing them to your friends but just know that they are there whenever you need them. It is always better to have a companion to share out your tears with. You may fill up your free time by going out with your friends or even host a sleepover party where all of you could just have fun!

Learn a Hobby

Heartbreaks can be difficult especially in the beginning. You tend to think about him/her almost everyday. The thought of him/her would not only make the situation worse but it also unhealthy in the long run. To stop yourself from having sad thoughts, it is important to keep yourself busy. So what better way then to join classes during the weekends. Pick yourself up and get a hobby! You could perhaps opt for baking classes or even arts and craft classes where you can enhance your skills and at the same time make new friends! 


Don’t Look Back

You would always reminisce the past on how sweet and perfect it once was and would constantly find ways to fix the problem. This would cause more regrets and guilt. You must convince yourself that it’s over and that there’s no turning back. You have to put more focus on yourself and try to fix yourself rather than looking back.


Cut all contacts

There’s no point keeping in contact with someone you’ve decided to break with. It would just give you second guesses on the choice you made. Be sure to block him in all of your social media platform. We don’t want him/her popping on your facebook page or instagram feed. This would lead to a spiral of obsessively stalking him. From the places he went and the people he had been close with since your break up. You can always unblock them later when you have fully convinced yourself that you have moved on (but make sure you have really moved on and not just “convinced” yourself that you have. 


Go on a holiday

Staying in the same place would only remind you of all the memories you had with him/her. It would be best for you to change the view for a little while. Yes ! Pack your bags and leave. Go somewhere you have been longing to go. Take a break from your life. You might discover a side of you that you never knew you had. It might also be that perfect break before you really move on.


Heartbreaks can always be devastating and extremely difficult. To fully mend a broken heart, you must first love yourself and value yourself. You have to be comfortable with who you are alone. Only then you will feel comfortable in a relationship. Cry as much as you want but do remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!