Dads often show us their love in different ways. They have always been our hero and a role model to look up to. As we grow up, we realise that no one could ever be as cool as our dad. They always make what it seems impossible possible. They are the only person who would crack lame jokes just to make us smile. For sure, they had some pretty bad fails but that makes us appreciate them even more! With Father’s Day coming up, these are a few awesome and hysterically funny things dads do that we all would appreciate.

Cooked for you but end up messing things up

I think we all would agree that when it comes to cooking, dads are meant to burn things and mess things up. They might be the main chef or even the best when it comes to grilling food on a barbecue pit but it would be a total mess when it comes to preparing proper meals at home. They would try their best to follow all the steps and ingredients that our mums would do but usually the flavour would definitely be plain old wrong. But at least they tried and they sure look cute when they try hard.

Giving really bad relationship advice

We’ve all been there. Dads has always been our main supporter but when it comes to giving relationship advices, they would always be the opposite. They would always dislike our choices and doubt our tastes. They would always use different methods to keep us away from relationships and give advices that were meant to fail. Well, because in their eyes, no one could ever be good enough and they would rather see us safe then getting our heart broken by someone else. However, at the end of the day, they are doing all of this because they love us too much to let us go.

Singing along trending songs

Dads will always try to keep themselves up to date and act as cool as possible in order to keep up with us. They would try to enjoy what we enjoy and of course put a little twist to it. Imagining jamming to your favourite Taylor Swift songs and your dad decides to sing along without even knowing the lyrics. Dads would also try to imitate certain dance moves that they think would go well with the music and let’s be real, most of the time it is horrible and straight up embarrassing. But that’s what makes them dads, they don’t mind embarrassing the hell out of himself to make you laugh!So just enjoy every minute of it!

Shows you off even when you’re just plain old Jane

As we are growing up , we are always doubting ourselves on whether we fit in the society. We constantly compare ourselves with others and that lowers down our self-esteem. We always think that we’re not capable of anything but in our dads’ eyes we are nothing but one precious gemstone. They would go around boasting about how proud they are with us even when it’s not a big deal. They are always there to remind us our worth. It does get cringy sometimes and don’t forget how they get us into embarrassing situations where we had to show our low-key talents that don’t even considered as talents. No matter how bad it is, we will always be the apple to our dad’s eye.

Cheer you up with lame dad jokes  

Don’t worry guys, we’re in this together. We all have that moment where all we wanted to do is just roll our eyes and bury ourselves in a hole because of how lame our dads can get in serious situations. Dads love to make jokes even when sometimes it is not funny at all but we all know they do it just to brighten up our day and let everyone know how much of a fool they can be to just entertain us.


We never really notice the amount of effort and sacrifices our dads make when we were younger because they never really talk about them. To all the dads out there, thank you for always being there for us! You’re the MAN !