Okay, Let’s be honest here. No matter how strict we are with our diet, there are times where we end up mowing down all the food that we plan to avoid – ending up with no progress. We have always been told that snacking can be bad for us as it would more likely sabotage your whole diet plan, but if it is done strategically, you will not only feel satisfied and good about yourself but to also shed that pounds in a healthy way.

Ramp up your fiber intake


  Fibre intake  has always been the key to weight loss. Researchers pointed out that fibre helps your body digest smoothly and absorbs sugar slowly. Which make sense, as food that contains fibre are usually unprocessed food that are low in calorie. Fruits and vegetables that contain tons of water such as cucumber, watermelon, strawberries, broccolis and zucchinis are some of the best choices for you to snack on. So, instead of having a bag of potato chipszzz, muruku, some raya kuih or other types of tidbits as a snack, cut yourself a piece of fruit or have some raw veggies! You can even make a yoghurt smoothie bowls out of them or dip them into a bowl of  yoghurt or guacamole to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t skip Breakfast

We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but never of it helping us to lose weight. Well, good news! It does help you feel less hungry throughout the day. Researchers believed that eating a meal in the morning would keep your hunger ghrelin hormones at bay. Meaning, you won’t feel hungry before and after lunch. Researchers have also pointed out that it is best to have eggs in the morning as it has the ability to de crease your the amount of calorie you eat for the whole day! There are a lot of egg recipes that you can try and have for breakfast before you start your day. From half boiled eggs to omelette and sunny side egg that goes well with a piece of toast and berries along the side.  What are you still waiting for? Grab that egg and get cooking!

Drink lots of water

As weird as it sounds, drinking lots of water would help you heed hunger cues! Often times, we feel hungry, our body is actually dehydrated. Drinking enough water to keep ourselves hydrated is easy to forget but it is so important for weight loss. Many of the feelings we get associated with being hungry, such as stomach cramps is because our body is dehydrated. Researchers have shown that drinking water half an hour before meals can increase weight loss by 44% in 3 months. Water can also help you stop all of your sweet cravings. Stop drinking sugary drinks or even soft drinks when you’re bored and start  filling up your bottle full with water and start drinking as much as you can!

Fill up your diet with unprocessed food

Dieting should never be hard and you should never force or restrict yourself from eating. The more you restrict yourself, the more it would backfire, where most of the time you ended up failing your whole diet plan. Try throwing away all of your processed food and ingredients used to make your meals and change them into whole unprocessed food. By doing that, even snacking would seem healthy. Whole Unprocessed food are more likely to make you feel full and stop you from overeating. Start having whole unprocessed food as your main ingredients for all of your meals and snacks and it would help your body stay healthy and certainly help you lose those pounds without even trying! Throw away your sugary and salty snacks and cut yourself some carrot sticks or tomatoes to keep your mouth busy, you won’t regret it!

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