The viral Clear Coca-Cola is making its debut in Malaysia next month ! :So is it Cola or water ?!

Japan has never failed to amaze us when it comes to creating drinks that are out of this world. Apparently, making a drink that does not look as what it should look like is the current food trend! Well, remember how all of us were hyped up with Colourless milk tea. . 大切な人との朝食には、来週発売のちっちゃくてかわいい #プレミアムモーニングティー がぴったり🌼 […]

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Hong Kong famous Flamingo Bloom Tea Salon is now in Malaysia!!!

With its whole area covered with pink flamingos and artisan floral teas, Flamingo Bloom has attracted a crowd with its refreshing all-natural teas. Thirsty for tea? Sip guilt-free all natural leaf teas that are mainly supplied from Taiwan and China. All of the tea leaves and flower buds used are handpicked to further enhance the […]

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Food that reflects my deep dark soul : Black all day, Black ERRRR day !

We all have to agree that the colour BLACK makes everything look sophisticated and stylish. But then, there are also days where we just feel comfortable with the shade of black and not to mention on how slim it makes us look (: Don’t worry, now we have food that matches that deep dark soul […]

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Acrylic Painting Class by ArtTherapy

I’ve tried pencil sketching, charcoal and watercolor but I’ve never tried Acrylic before. I’ve always been slightly too intimidated to try it. One thing was that acrylic was more expensive compared to watercolor. So, I thought this class would be my chance to experiment and try whether I would enjoy using this medium or not. […]

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