We all have to agree that the colour BLACK makes everything look sophisticated and stylish. But then, there are also days where we just feel comfortable with the shade of black and not to mention on how slim it makes us look (: Don’t worry, now we have food that matches that deep dark soul of yours.


Charcoal Latte

To be honest, this drink will question all the colours in your life. This drink looks as if it is a cup of pure black magic! It sure looks like it was made in a witch’s kitchen but a surprising fact is that charcoal latte is beneficial for your health. It got the colour black from activated charcoal which helps remove toxin from your body. Moreover, coffee often stain our teeth but activated charcoal does the total opposite. Yes, it whitens your teeth !!!!! One Charcoal Latte for me PLEASE!


Charcoal Waffle

As weird as it sounds, charcoal waffle is quite the trend in Malaysia. Its plain and somehow burnt flavour goes well with any type of ice-cream. It is best paired with peanut butter and also shaved coconut. Top up with a drizzle of honey and a splash of chocolate sauce.You would not want to miss a waffle that has rich flavours that are TO DIE FOR!


Charcoal honey bread toast

Shibuya style toast first made waves in Japan and now Malaysia. With a little twist, Charcoal Honey Bread Toast has hit Malaysia by storm lately and people are going for more and more! Not only does it taste DELICIOUS but also its also known for its extravagant and insta-worthy looks. The kind of looks that have you drooling!There’s just something about sinking your teeth into thick fluffy squared freshly baked toast that is so SATISFYING!


Black Club Sandwich

How would you like you sandwich bread to be Sir/Madam? Slightly toasted? Or straight black ? HAHAHA (: Black Club Sandwich is made by using charcoal loaf that is made by activated charcoal which is good for your digestive system! You don’t have to worry about the colour, it is not made out of food colouring and its not rotten! It’s all NATURAL! Flavour wise, there is not much different from the normal loaf.

Black truffle Xiao Long Bao

This classic chinese dish is famous for it juiciness and strong flavours. Restaurants has taken a dark twist by using black truffle, turning the old classic Xiao Long Bao into something out of this world. For those who don’t know truffles are high in protein and contain many vitamins and minerals that are good for us. But not all will be fond of its taste as truffles have a deep musky aroma, very earthy and pungent. In other words, very expensive fungus.


Black Squid-Ink Pasta


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This would probably be the darkest shade of black on a pasta. The looks of it don’t really look that appetizing but it taste REALLY GOOD!  So don’t judge the dish by its look, do give it a try and maybe black pasta might just be your next favourite dish! (: (: