I’ve tried pencil sketching, charcoal and watercolor but I’ve never tried Acrylic before. I’ve always been slightly too intimidated to try it. One thing was that acrylic was more expensive compared to watercolor. So, I thought this class would be my chance to experiment and try whether I would enjoy using this medium or not. If not, it would just be a fun session with my friends!

When I arrived at the class, we were greeted by beautiful artworks done by our class instructor, Zoe. I felt somewhat inspired and excited to start the class. As we enter, I saw all the materials prepared even with the canvas easel nicely lined up for us.

As all the students and I sat down to start the class, she gave us each a color pencil to use for use to sketch our painting. Beforehand, she instructed us to pick a simple picture like a sunset or a tree so we would have enough time to paint everything during the 2 hour class. (But I was kind of stubborn and painted a portrait.. hehe)

Sketching was the simpler part. After taking my paint and brushes, I really didn’t know how to start… I’ve never done acrylic painting before. And with a stroke of my brush, I felt like I was committing to a possible mistake… But the instructor encouraged me that it was fine.

I realized later that acrylic was easier to manage than I thought. Unlike watercolor, you can layer as much paint as you want (there’s a limit that you can layer with water color… before it looks kind of weird). So if you do a mistake like accidently placing the wrong color with acrylic, you can always wait for it to dry and paint over it! Problem solved!

Our instructor kept reminding all of us the whole time that acrylic painting was all about expressing yourself and I started to understand why. Halfway through the class, I was having loads of fun with slapping acrylic paint all over my painting! It was really fun creating textures with it! And my friends and the other class participants were there to encourage me whenever I felt stuck.

When the class ended, it was really satisfying to see the end results and also what everyone else has created. I felt like I was in an art gallery created by us.

After this experience, I might actually invest in acrylic paint! Lol! It was definitely a fun experience! I’m glad I decided to join this class (:  And that’s a wrap! Till then have a great weekend ! (: Stay tuned for more #experiencewithmwp ! (: (: