red velvet cake
If it isn’t obvious yet, we love the red velvet cake here in MyWeekendPlan. In fact, we love it so much that we covered on the basic steps of baking this Red Beauty in a previous article on our specially curated list of must-have Chinese New Year baked goodies. This time, we’re going to dive deeper into how you can bake the most perfect red velvet cake there is. So, let’s get to it.
As we’ve said before, the essential components to baking this – in fact in all other cakes are the batter and the frosting. Red Velvet cakes are special, in that they possess a distinctive tangy taste and a velvety texture, evident when you take a mouthful of it. In fact, red velvet flavour is, essentially, 4 things – sweet vanilla, tangy buttermilk, mild cocoa flavour and rich and buttery flavours.
Red velvet cakes have to be dense, soft and moist, with a velvety crumb. The best part of this cake is the frosting, and the most popular choice has to be cream cheese. This frosting compliments the cake with an undeniably creamy and delicately sweet taste.

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Start by whisking all the dry ingredients together, and then, beat the wet ingredients separately. Finally, combine the two, alternating between wet and dry, add buttermilk in and tint the batter with the iconic red colour. These are the standard steps to baking this cake, but there are some things that we do differently in the recipe that we teach in our baking class, to get the most perfect red velvet cake ever.
Firstly, the flour that we opted to use in this recipe is cake flour. Cake flour is lighter than other flours and serves as the perfect base for a light and soft crumbled cake texture. As we mentioned above, texture matters in this cake, and so the choice of ingredients play a huge role in how the texture turns out. Second, use butter and oil. With butter only, we risk baking a dry a cake, but with oil only, the cake lacks the flavour that butter brings. Mixing them both gives us the best of both worlds.
Third, we add a dash of apple cider vinegar to the buttermilk, because it enhances the flavour that buttermilk has, which will give the cake a tarty and tangy taste. In fact, you can use any other fruit vinegar that you have in your cupboard. If you don’t, fret not, because you can still use the vinegar that you have, but you might want to reduce the amount you add in.
Finally, if you’re feeling a little creative, get some toasted walnuts, chop them up into fine pieces and evenly add them to the top or the sides of the cake. This adds a whole new dimension of taste and texture in your mouth, with the walnuts giving some crunch in.
There are many interesting twists that you can do while you’re making this cake, all of which you can explore when you join our Red Velvet cake baking class. Learn from one of the best pastry chefs here in My Weekend Plan and we assure you will master all the techniques in a very short time! Besides, we are having different baking classes as well such as deco roll cake, cheese tart, and macarons for individuals or for fun team building activities! Seats are limited and they are filling up fast, so contact us grab your spot today!