Birthdays are special. They remind you of how old you are, making you reflect on your life and the memories you’ve made. But the toughest part of a birthday is when you have to think of gifts and ideas to make your loved one feels special.
Here are a few ideas that My Weekend Plan came up with to surprise your wife or girlfriend, especially on their birthday, which will make her smile and love you even more. She wows you every day, so now, return the favour.

1. Bake Her a Special Birthday Cake

Cakes are an essential part of celebrating birthdays, so why not impress her with a cake you’ve made yourself. Not only does this tell her that you’ll put in the effort to make her feel special, you’ll get extra points for being a lover that can bake. Make sure that she doesn’t know that you’ve enrolled in a baking class though, so that the surprise will be bigger and special. Also, do a few trial tests to ensure that you’ll nail it right. Heck, if you know she loves Boba, why not bake her a Boba Milk Tea cake instead?

2. Romantic Birthday Dinner setup

Instead of the regular dinner at the dining table as always, why not arrange something more romantic? If you’re lucky enough to have a terrace or a balcony area, then just put up a plain white sheet and string up some fairy lights, plus a small table with 2 chairs for dinner. If you don’t, then light some candles, put some flowers in a vase, scent the room and have a candlelight dinner with her. To make it even more special, if you can afford to, buy her a dress, a few accessories and a perfume and place a note telling her to wear them for the dinner.


3. Make Her a Feel-Good box

Everyone loves some downtime with guilty indulgences, and you can gift her that experience at home on her birthday. Gather the things she loves but may not have the time to regularly use like her favourite magazines, chocolates, a hand cream with scents that she would love, a handmade milk soap that you can do yourself and put them together in a box. Just put it on the bed or gift it to her in a nice box with some flowers and a short, sweet romantic note to make her feel special and pampered.

4. Special Birthday Jewelry

Almost all women can’t deny that they love jewelry, so gifting your loved one a jewelry they love is an idea you can’t go wrong with. However, make sure you know your wife’s or girlfriend’s favourite type of jewelry first – be it a ring, bracelet, earrings, etc. Once you know for sure, you can then decide on a few designs you know for a fact that she would love. In fact, to make it extra special, add her birthstone to the jewelry or engrave a message on it, for instance at the inner part of a ring, so that she will cherish it forever. If you want to leave a personal touch, create your own jewelry and customise it to your heart’s desire.


5. Go on a Short Cruise

Give her an unforgettable experience as you both sail into the sunset. Instead of taking her out, why not bring her on a short cruise where you’ll both get to enjoy a quiet and romantic evening on the open seas. The tranquillity and vastness of the open ocean plus the golden rays of the sun as it sets for the day will burn a lasting impression into her mind, making her in awe of nature and in awe of the stars that had brought you into her life. There are many cruises in the KL & Selangor region that can provide you this experience although our personal favourite is the Dickson Dragon sunset cruise at the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club where you’ll even get to enjoy a salt-water Jacuzzi.


6. Throw Her a Surprise Birthday Party

Everyone loves a birthday party. Better yet, if it’s a surprise. While this idea certainly takes more effort than the others in this list, it is a sure-win to impress her. If the very thought of arranging one fills you up with jitters, fret not because all you need to do is to break the huge tasks down into smaller ones. Begin with guest list and then send out the invitations. Be sure to invite her closest friends, and maybe some relatives for a fun-filled time. Decide on a venue, plan the food, and set up an escort to bring your wife to the venue. Remember to cover your tracks. Planning a surprise birthday party is a forgivable excuse for lying to her.

7. Plan her a Fun Day Out with Her Friends

Now you may have some important work to do, and so you had to be away from your wife or girlfriend on her birthday. While that sucks, and you should apologise when you return, why not make it up to her by planning a special fun day out with her friends? Get tickets to a concert, movie, play, etc. or anything else that you know she would like so that she could go for it with her friends. Make it more memorable by booking her a table at her favourite restaurant and paying her bill with when she dines there with her friends. In fact, get the restaurant staff to bring out a birthday cake for her after she’s done eating to make it extra easier for her to forgive you.

8. Memory Lane

Every couple has a history and guys are usually guilty for not remembering it well. It’s time you put your memory to the test and dig up 4 or 5 instances or locations that were significant to you both as a couple. It could be where you first met, where you had your first kiss, where you had the guts to propose to her. Take her on a trip down those times and reenact those lovely-dovey memories to remind her that you still love her today and forever on as much as from back then since.

9. Quick Getaway to Somewhere Secluded

It is the age of travel now and a lot of couples spend time and money travelling to famous places and large, modern cities. However, nothing beats a going to a cottage or a retreat where you and your loved one are only with each other and the nature. Depending on your budget, you could book the getaway nearby a beach, some hills or anywhere else where you can both me right beside Nature. Make sure that place you’ve booked is away from the hustle and bustles of the city, but still is accessible easily and had basic amenities. You’d definitely want a place that has toilets. Indoors.

10. You

What else could be better? Instead of buying her fancy things, why not give her a romantic evening and night of just you? Spice it up and present yourself to her in a totally new avatar. Be a fireman, a caveman or any other look that you know she would go crazy for. Make it funnier by taking a big ribbon and tying it around your neck with no shirt and only trousers on (or neither both ;)). Give her the green light and tell her she can do whatever she pleases with you, and you will be there to take care of your lovely lady’s needs all day or night long.
We hope you have fun and impress your wives or girlfriends with these ideas. Remember that it’s the thought that counts, and if you put your mind and effort in it, the smallest things and gestures can leave the most lasting and memorable impression. Also, handmade flower bouquets are great, but don’t just stop there. Stuck in cranking up some ideas of your own? Look for us and we will show you the different ways to impress!