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Top 10 Insanely Fun Workshops for Team Bonding

For the past 2 years, we have been interviewed numerous HR or Department Head, 79% of them shared that they are looking for something fun and meaningful to do with their colleague during weekday/weekend free time AND 35% of them would love to try something totally new but they have no clue on what to […]

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Top 5 Fun Team Building Games In Malaysia

Team building is an essential part of employee engagement and retention, in today’s age. More and more companies and organisations are seeing team building as an influential aspect that affects their efficiency and productivity, and have seen successful results from the emphasis on team building activities within the organisations. This includes creating a more comfortable […]

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The A-Z types of workers, which type are you ?

Every office has a wide range of personalities working in it. Which type do you fall into 😂😂 ? The ’A‘mbition “ I Can Do It !” The person who has a strong desire to do or to achieve something The ‘B’ully The person who always acts like a boss, kick all the “balls” to [...]
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5 Warning Signs That Your Employee Is Overstressed !

Wonder how to handle the Stress Management In The Workplace? Sometimes, Jobs can be stressful for many reasons, and some people suffer more acutely from stress than others. If you’re in a supervisor position, it’s important that you’re able to monitor the stress management in the workplace and recognize key signs of stress in your […]

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Weekend fun in KL? Try out these fun indoor corporate team building activities in Malaysia.

  Attention all HR workers, did you know that team building activities aren’t limited exclusively to just outdoor activities? While not as well known, indoor activities can make for great team building activities. We’re not talking about those silly trust building games either. We’re talking about activities like workshops or classes that are not only […]

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How can creative workshops increase the core competencies of your employees?

Looking for something to spice up motivation at work and increase the core competencies of your employees at the same time? Then creative workshops may be just the answer you are looking for. Unlike conventional team building activities, creative workshops focus on using creativity to solve problems hands-on. It is through this approach that various […]

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Top 25 Corporate Team Building Activities for 2019

2018 has come and gone. How did your team perform last year? Is your team in tip-top shape? Do they look like working life is starting to get to them? Working too long in the same company setting can be dull and monotonous at times. What your team probably needs is a little spice in […]

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