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Benefits of Learning Baking

Baking is a pretty nice way to spend a weekend afternoon and baked goods are not only delicious to eat. They also make wonderful gifts that require thought and care to execute correctly. Baking is a time-honored tradition that brings loved ones together and has warmed kitchens across the world for thousands of years.

The art of baking takes on many different forms, from the complex layer cake to the simple at-home bread recipe. Explore our wide selection of baking courses to find the right recipe for you, and share your kitchen creations with loved ones or customers.

These classes derives its happiness in fully equipping its students with productive knowledge of cake baking and giving them the confidence to create tasteful cakes and breads. In these classes you’ll learn how to make all of the recipes or decorations from scratch using inexpensive tools and fairly simple techniques.

Variety Of Baking Classes Designed Just For You

Baked for your loved one

Baked for your loved one

Learn a new hobby

A Good Way for Stress Relief

Family Bonding Time

Family Bonding Time

A Good Way for Stress Relief

Learn a new hobby & Share to your Friends

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do your classes require prior baking experience?

Presently, all classes do not require prior baking experience. However, do note that our instructor will demonstrate key steps of the recipe. If you are not familiar with basic steps like sieving flour, you can highlight to the instructor. She will either show you or ask the more regular & experienced participant(s) to show you if time is tight.
And if it does require prior baking experience, we will state it in the workshop details with skill-level needed. =)

Is your classes conducted in English?

Yes, all classes are conducted in English; unless stated otherwise.

What to bring to class?

You should bring the following items when attending BakinCalf workshop:

  • Apron. Do bring your own apron if you have one. But it’s entirely optional.
  • Pen & Paper. You are likely to jot down notes during class even though printed recipes will be provided.
  • Reusable bag. We encourage you to bring your own bag to bring home your bakes. Paper cake box will be provided.
  • Be 5-10 mins early.

Is baking hard for me as I’m a beginner?

Baking can be an intimidating process when one is first learning but the reward of learning to bake is well worth the time and effort. If you take the time to learn the terminology, give yourself room to experiment a little and make a few mistakes throughout the learning process, with these skills you can create superb desserts that the whole family can enjoy! 😊

Are your classes hands-on or demonstration? And for adults or for kids?

Classes are hands-on & working in teams, and the classes are mainly for adults; unless stated otherwise in the workshop details. Since you are working in teams (typically team size of 2 to 4 depending on overall class size), some of the baking procedures will use shared equipments such as mixer. The rest of the procedures will be performed individually. And the instructor will perform demonstration on key steps of the recipe and followed by students to do hands-on work themselves . However, if you are not familiar with any other steps, you can highlight to the instructor to teach you.

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Baking Course Malaysia | Short Class in KL PJMy Weekend Plan offer a variety of baking classes such as Best Seller Cake Baking Class, Bread Baking Class, Cupcake Baking Class, Cookies Baking Class, Macaron Baking Class, Cake Decoration Class, Chocolate Making Class and etc. We also have dedicated baking classes for Individual, Group Baking and Corporate Team Building. Through our baking lesson, you will get a hands on experience in making cakes, cookies, tarts, doughnuts, macarons and etc. We also have specific baking classes during the festive season for example, Mooncake Baking Class, Ginger Biscuit Baking Class, New Year Biscuit Baking Class, Murukku Making Class, Valentine’s Chocolate Making Class and etc. Our instructors are professional bakery chefs who have their own successful bakery or baking ingredients shop in Malaysia. We use the basic tools and equipment, easy to follow steps and freshest ingredients to teach you the making of cakes, breads, cookies and pastries.

By participating the few hours baking class enable you to learn all the fundamental knowledge of baking. You will definitely be able to shift the skill to your home kitchen that will fill your family stomach and warm their hearts. The lesson fees that you will spend in these baking classes will be another form of investment in yourself, because you will get a new skill which can makes you more valuable. Other than that, enrol in the baking class allowed you to meet more people to discuss and exchange the baking tips. You may also bring your family, friends and colleagues for them to join in the baking class to make it more enjoyable and get certain discounts from our lesson provider or our external partner. It would be definitely a wonderful experience and useful lesson to you.

We provide baking class in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Subang, Klang, Damansara, Klang Valley, Puchong, Shah Alam, Cheras, Ampang, and Seremban. Other than that, we also provide baking class in Penang. We also provide couple baking class and class for beginners. In order to bake your desired self-made breads or cakes, you can contact us in order to enrol the class in these area.

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