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11 Desserts That are Fun to Decorate

Baking gives us a canvas with which we can feed both our mouth and eyes. What kind of desserts can offer us the best outlet for diverse creations?   1) Sugarcraft Sugar crafting is more of creating a dessert ornament rather than a dessert itself, but if it isn’t one of the most glorious ornaments […]

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6 Desserts Ingredients That Can Fight A Weak Immune System

With the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), people are buying out stores for supplies and ingredients because they need to bunk down at home. So right now you might be someone with options in your fridge and a craving for sugar.   Or maybe you simply just want a healthy snack.   If you […]

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Benefits of Baking and Why You Need It

Even if you are changing jobs, lost someone, had a disagreement with a colleague, struggling with your children or having a crush with someone, you should never put it hard on yourself. AIA Vitality Survey 2017 reported that Malaysian employees are overworked, stressed and lead unhealthy lifestyles. Don’t be part of the statistics.   One […]

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List of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Malaysia

Emerging in the year 2020, most people are already starting to make plans for what they are going to achieve in the new year. Be it keeping your body in a good shape, learning something new, expanding your social circles or getting on a new career track, all the initiatives are nonetheless very motivating and […]

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The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities for 2020

Organizational success is largely dependent on employee engagement, which largely depends on the investment that managers make for their teams. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, and encourages collaboration and communication which ultimately leads to a healthy company culture and boosting the bottom line. Here’s a diverse mix of team building activities that you can do […]

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Baking Team Building Malaysia

If there is one universal truth that is as true as any, it is that food unites everyone. Cooking as a family or with friends and loved ones brings us together because the whole experience enables us to share our culture and heritage through food while providing nourishment to one another. This very act of […]

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How to Make Red Velvet Cake

  If it isn’t obvious yet, we love the red velvet cake here in MyWeekendPlan. In fact, we love it so much that we covered on the basic steps of baking this Red Beauty in a previous article on our specially curated list of must-have Chinese New Year baked goodies. This time, we’re going to […]

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Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts Idea

  Birthdays are special. They remind you of how old you are, making you reflect on your life and the memories you’ve made. But the toughest part of a birthday is when you have to think of gifts and ideas to make your loved one feels special. Here are a few ideas that My Weekend […]

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