From the more classic cakes to the modern and trendy ones, some cakes work the best with fillings and icings. After all, there are many different ways to use them to turn your cake into a masterpiece. A filling is defined as a thick mixture that is used between layers of cake. Whipped cream and custard mixtures are sometimes used for it. If done well, the filling could even be the best part of the cake! While icing is usually spread on the surface of cakes, and is normally made using sugar paired with a liquid such as water or milk. Flavourings such as extracts, fruit zest, or chocolate are often added to it. Sugar is used very often when making icing to provide sweetness, but fillings can be made with or without it.

There are a lot of types of fillings and icings for baking, but have you ever wondered what fillings and icings are most commonly used? Ganache and custards, or jams and royal icing. Every baker should learn more about fillings & icings, so you can make your baked goods extra yummy! We would like to introduce you to five of the most famous fillings and icings that people use, with some extra useful tips, especially for beginners. From how it’s made, to the usage, storage and even examples, you’ll get to learn them all! Are you ready? It’s time to meet the most famous fillings & icings in the baking world!



There are 2 types of Ganache. The dark, which is very chocolatey, and the white, which has a rich velvety taste. It is made by mixing together chocolate and cream. Buttercream consistency can be made by whipping soft butter into its base, resulting in a ganache beurre.


Jams and Jellies

Happiness is like jam, and jelly is your jam! To make it, stir to soften or heat with small amount of liquid if it’s too thick and strain to remove the seeds.


Royal Icing

Royal icing is a pure white, sticky icing that dries to a hard finish. It is made by beating heavy paste of egg whites and confectioners’ sugar with a little vinegar or lemon juice.


Boiling Icing

Boiling Icing has a marshmallow-like texture and is 100% fat-free! It is made by beating egg whites, sugar and a bit of water until it’s fluffy and glossy. Substituting light brown sugar for granulated sugar makes sea-foam frosting.


Custard / Pudding

Custard or Pudding is a filling that has many different varieties. It is usually thick, smooth and creamy, and is made by thickening custard (pastry cream) with flour or cornstarch.

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