Stress is something that most of us have experienced before. It could be due to work, relationships, financial pressures, and other situations, and is something that you could even go through on a day to day basis. But what is it exactly? Stress is actually the body’s natural defense against predators and danger. It activates the mind’s fight or flight response. When you are stressed your blood pressure will rise and your muscles become tense, you could also experience emotions like anger, sadness, or fatigue. You can experience stress from many different places as well. Your environment, your body, or even your own thoughts could contribute to it. Stress is a normal part of life for many of us, that’s why we need to learn how to manage it.

Imagine coming home after a long week and collapsing on the couch, you just want to do something that can release all the stress you are feeling. What better activity to do than baking! I know you’re asking why, so hear me out. Baking is honestly a great way to release stress, there are so many different benefits that baking can give to a person that is stressed out. When you bake you immerse yourself in it, and by doing so you get to chase all the bad thoughts and worries out of your mind. And baking in a group is even better! You’ll feel less alone and get to talk to people with common interests. There’s even a little extra bonus! With baking you get to be creative, changing the flavours, colours and shapes to your liking. You might even strike gold and produce a baking masterpiece by accident! Doesn’t that sound great? Continue below to see all the reasons why you should make baking your go-to activity for stress relief!


1. Be Creative

Be creative! You don’t always need to follow the recipe exactly. Experiment and change things up a bit! Show off your creativity by adding flavour, changing colour and forming different shapes in your baking goods. You can create something cute, amazing, or even something weird if you want, it’s entirely up to you! The best part is that it also helps to trigger your sensory!


2. Immerse Yourself

When you’re baking, you tend to put yourself in the zone and block out most things that are going on around you. Embed yourself so deeply in the measuring, and the pouring, and the mixing, and the rolling, and the shaping, and whatever else your recipe asks you to do. By doing so you won’t think about the things that are making you stressed.


3. Environment Impact

Did you know that when we bake it also impacts the environment at the same time? No, we’re not actually talking about the earth. The environment, in this case, is actually your home and the mood of the people in it! When you’re baking in the kitchen it helps your house to feel a little more warm and cozy. Just imagine the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafting through your house. It just puts everyone in a good mood!


4. Less alone

When you bake you should bake in a group! It makes you feel much less alone. You can talk to people who have common interests. You can easily find them through places like Instagram or Facebook. Reach out to them and feel the love of the baking community! You can even make new baking buddies and become longtime friends!


5. Chases Bad Thought Away

Baking can help chase your bad thoughts and worries away. This is because you have to focus on making sure that you measure your ingredients. For example, you have to have exactly the right amount of baking powder and exactly the right amount of baking soda if you want the result to be what you’re aiming for. 


6. Routine

Humans naturally crave routine, though, and that’s what’s at the root of baking. There is a rhythm or pattern to baking, It feels familiar and can even lead to a mindful state. If baking has become a routine for you, you’ll definitely feel more relaxed and at ease. Which is why we recommend everyone to pick up baking as a hobby!


7. Endless Support

Everyone needs some support, and by baking, you could easily get some! Connect with your “little baking corner of the internet” by joining our friendly community group! There will always be people there to guide and support you through your baking. You can even share opinions and ideas with each other. There will definitely be more love in your kitchen than ever! 

Baking has so many benefits, it really is the perfect activity to do when you’re feeling stressed. We hope this useful information will be helpful for you on your baking journey. If you have any baking-related questions or you want to share your experiences with us, feel free to our community group! We are a fun and friendly bunch that loves helping each other when it comes to baking!

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