You can’t deny that one of the best parts of baking is decorating your creations! Covering your cake in your favourite colours and adding all the little cute decorations. It’s always fun to see how pretty your cake turns out in the end. Frostings and fillings play quite an important part in baking. They make sure your desserts not only look good but taste delicious as well! There are so many different frostings and fillings for us to choose from, for example, cream cheese, whipped cream, not to mention the many different buttercreams. All of them unique in their own way but delicious nonetheless. Of course, to be a good baker we should have some basic understanding of each type, which is what we’re here to help you with!

So how do you know which frosting or filling is the best to use for your cakes? Whether you’re looking to have a smooth and perfect cake surface or want to pipe some buttercream roses for decoration, the type of frosting you use could make a huge difference! Learning more about them could prove to be a great help on your baking journey, which is why we have prepared this for you! A guide to all the commonly used frostings and fillings! Not only will you learn how to make them, we have even included the uses, storage and even a recipe that you can search up! Pretty useful right? Don’t wait any longer, read about them now and take your baking game to the next level!


American Buttercream

Let’s start with the American Buttercream. It is the most popular choice for frosting and decorating! To make it, butter and milk are beaten together. Then confectioners’ sugar is added. The buttercream is usually flavoured with extracts and chocolate, and can be made to stiff consistency and fluffy or smooth.


Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is slightly tangy, but can also be sweet, thick and creamy! It is usually made by beating cream cheese and butter together, then adding in liquid and beating it in, confectioner’s sugar and flavouring are added at the very end.


French Buttercream

French buttercream is a silky-smooth frosting with a mellow sweetness to it, not only that but it’s also quite rich in flavour. It is made by using egg yolks or whole eggs and using the same method as Italian meringue.


Swiss Buttercream

Swiss buttercream is fluffy and buttery, with a medium to thick consistency. To make it, you use only egg whites. The whites and sugar are mixed together over heat and whipped. Then cooled before butter and flavouring are added.


Whipped Cream

Last but not least we have whipped cream! Whipped cream is creamy, delicate and sweet. It is made by beating whipping cream with sugar, and can be stabilized for longer life with gelatin. You can also flavour it if you want.

We hope this useful information will be helpful for you on your baking journey. If you have any baking-related questions or you want to share your experiences with us, feel free to our community group! We are a fun and friendly bunch that loves helping each other when it comes to baking!

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