8 truly fun experiences to do in 2019

Another year has gone by in a blink of an eye… Did you cross out anything from your bucket list? Did you want to go sky diving but was too scared? Did you plan to try that trampoline park but cannot find any kaki? Did you forget to have some time off and sit back, relax and enjoy a relaxing day at the spa? Well, there is no time like the present! Check out these truly fun and exciting activities that you NEED to drag your friends to go with you!


1. Indoor Interconnected Trampoline

You’re looking for a super fun weekend to kick-start your new year?

Trampoline Park mixes fun and fitness and would be a great way for you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle and be more pro-active!


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2. Outdoor Recreational Activities

Looking for exciting outdoor experiences for your new year?

Proudly introduce the Leisure and Business Paradise nestled in a secondary jungle of Malaysia’s East Coast Region.

They have Resort Accommodation, Safari Park, Water Park, Outdoor Recreational Activities, Team Building, Events, Gatherings, Outings, Family Day, Parties, Wedding, Anniversary, Celebrations, Getaway, Vacation, Holiday.


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3. Adventurous Balloon Flight

Your adventure is just a balloon ride away!

This is the first commercial Balloon flight in Malaysia. Fly on a hot air balloon no longer a dream. Enjoy the beautiful sight of Malaysia and experience the unforgettable adventure of your life. Flight over this magnificent city is now for everyone.


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4. Escapades Vacation

This resort allows having a different kind of outdoor activities including team building and any creative brainstorming at the field or water park.

The attractions in this resort are extremely fun and exciting such as 9D Theater – Digital Interactive theatre, Water Park – Splashing Water Fun, Magic Art Museum, Target archery and Love Lock to symbolise an unbroken union between loved ones.


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5. Indoor Extreme Park

You’re looking for an indoor extreme park to light up your new year?

With over 80,000 square feet of space, they have a wide range of activities for all ages.

This is not only a place to have fun but is also perfect for birthdays, corporate events, family days, team bonding events, and team-building events.


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6. Amazing Recreation Hub

This Recreation Hub has created a very good surrounding environment to provide customers with good air ventilation and quiet place.

They do provide customers with a comfortable spa bath area, independent beauty treatment rooms, equipped with professional masseurs, Chinese medicine practitioners and the well-trained beauty therapist to ensure customers enjoy the therapy services.


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7. Outdoor Adventurous Park

Challenge something different in your new year!

This outdoor park is different from any other theme park. It is a re-visioning and departure from the conventional ideas of roller-coaster tides and sugar-coated fantasies.

It draws from the childhood past to capture the dreams and traditional values and addresses some of the problems of our current age by encouraging physical wellness and re-connection with nature.


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lost in kl

8. Haunted Escape Game

Ready for Reality Haunted Escape Game?

There are so many horror elements in the escape room, the escape experience becomes more thrilling. They also included more physical elements into the games to add more excitement.

With all of the horror themes having different fear factor levels, players can choose games that test their bravery. Play it, Feel it!


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So what are you waiting for?? There will always be a reason not to go, so make it a point to try something new today! So, pack a bag and head off for your adventure! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for your insta and #myweekendplan . I promise you, you won’t regret it!