Looking for something to spice up motivation at work and increase the core competencies of your employees at the same time? Then creative workshops may be just the answer you are looking for. Unlike conventional team building activities, creative workshops focus on using creativity to solve problems hands-on. It is through this approach that various core competencies are nurtured and developed in your employees. Your employees will get to enjoy themselves in these workshops and the company stands to see an overall boost in work efficiency. Truly a win-win situation for everybody.


Curious as to how these workshops do this for your company? Here is a summary:


  1. What are the important core competencies needed for employees?
  2. How does Creative Workshops increase worker core competency?
  3. List of Creative Workshops to try.


What are the important core competencies needed for employees?

Each company requires different competencies of its employees, but the traits necessary for a successful employee to have are called core competencies. These traits as essential for a company to succeed. These core competencies are Trust, Creativity, Planning, Adaptability and Communication. Without these, an employee can be greatly disruptive towards the company business and reputation.


How does Creative Workshops increase worker core competencies?




If you think creative workshops are nothing more than just some artsy fartsy waste of time, think again. These workshops are unique due to how it imparts these competencies without your employees even realizing it.


  1. Conducive environment for learning

Creative Workshops, unlike traditional workshops, tend to be done in a conducive environment suitable for learning. By providing a calm and relaxing environment for one to learn, one can remove oneself of any performance anxiety issues. This, in turn, allows your employees to perform their very best in the tasks given without feeling pressured to do so.


  1. Hands-on learning

Ever heard of the hands-on learning approach? Basically instead of just understanding theories, one practices what they’ve actually learnt. It’s this combination of mental memory and physical memory that will allow the lessons learnt to be retained for an even longer period of time.


  1. Open-mindedness

The key to learning is open-mindedness. Creative workshops do this by setting up a non-biased atmosphere where it’s the process of getting there that matters, not the results. This allows your employees to be creative and let loose any ideas they may have, creating ample opportunities for them to subtly pick up the core values in the activity without them realizing it.


List of Creative workshops to try.

Now that you have a good understanding of how creative workshops benefit your employees. Here are some popular creative workshops that you should definitely give a try soon.



1. Sushi/Kimbap Making

Making sushi may sound like a bad idea for team building, but there is plenty to be taken away from this tasty activity. Like with any cooking activities, there are many processes to prepare before assembling the sushi. One will need to communicate effectively with their team in order to work together to make some delicious sushi. Efficiency and accuracy are also important in order to not waste any of the ingredients in the process. The result of this activity? Improved work performance and team cooperation.


2. Paper Craft Making

Let’s get handsy. Take on this hands-on approach and test out arts and crafts skills of your team. Your team will have to plan and work together to create the most unique and creative paper craft there is out there. This is a great activity to develop your team’s planning capabilities, creative know-how, and also enhance communication between team members. Let the creative juices flow in the office and see what sort of amazing changes your employees will bring after attending this amazing workshop.


3. Batik Workshop

Add some colour to your office with some beautiful batik. The batik workshop is a fun team activity to unwind and bond with the team. Learn the basics of batik making and learn to design some beautiful batik cloth. To make batik one must visualize and plan out the design before getting creative with the colours. Communication is absolutely crucial towards actually making the batik cloth together. In the end, making batik is no different than a difficult project. Team cooperation is absolutely vital in the creation of this beautiful piece of artistic cloth.  


4. Acrylic Painting

One does not need to be from an artistic background in order to experience the joy of acrylic painting. The Acrylic Painting Workshop is an excellent platform to harness the creativity of the mind. In this relaxing artistic retreat, participants get to unwind and fully express themselves through their art and with each other. This workshop helps one to generate creative ideas, which can also bring great benefits to the company.


5. Kimchi Making

Cooking can be a great way to de-stress and at the same time develop core skills necessary for better work efficiency. If you believe in work-life balance, then Kimchi Making Workshop is the perfect activity for you. Making kimchi is a team effort, from salting the cabbages to squeezing out excess water to packing the kimchi. All this can be too much for one person to do. When you delegate the tasks and work together, making kimchi is easy peasy. Once everything is done and over with your team will understand the importance of cooperation and develop a meaningful relationship with each other. Besides, everyone gets to take home some kimchi. Yay!!


As one can see, creative workshops can be a great way to increase the core competencies of your employees. Like any other team building activities, creative workshops will bring the same amount of benefits to your company while being twice as engaging towards your employees. Being able to impart core competencies and allow your employees to enjoy themselves, creative workshops are truly the best of both worlds.

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