Paper Crafting is something people of all ages can enjoy. It does not cost much and one does not have to be super talented to be a paper crafter! (: However, it does train your patience HAHA (:

I have always loved paper flowers and have always wished that I could make them to decorate my room. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to experience a paper crafting class that focuses on paper flowers last weekend! (: (:

The best part of paper flowers is that it’ll never die and it’ll look almost the same as the actual flower too! It’ll be great for decorations.

The class began with the lesson provider showing us all the materials that will be used to make our very own rose! It is told that it is best to use crepe paper instead of those normal paper when it comes to making paper flowers, especially rose flowers. Crepe paper is softer compared to normal paper, it is more flexible and easier to work with. This will also give the flowers a more life-like texture and feel (:


So, we started by making the stem of our rose by using a wire and a special tape called stem wrap. A little twisting is needed here (: It may look easy but it is kinda difficult when you have it to do it by yourself. Once done, we will have to cut out our rose petals. We had to draw an outline of the petal on our crepe paper, then cut them out one by one. We had to cut out double sided tape and place them on each petals so we can stick them on the stem later on.

I’ve always gotten myself into trouble when it comes to cutting, it is either I make a whole mess and end up cutting a whole different shape or I’ll end up cutting my own flesh LOL! However, the lesson provider was very patient with all of us. She came and helped us one by one.

Then came the hardest part of it all. We had to stick the petals one by one. It’s hard because we must know how to control our strength when it comes to sticking them together. If it’s too tight, the inner part of the flower will look too condensed and it may not look nice, and if it’s too loose, it will look bad too. So,we must have good control of the way we stick the petals to end up with nice flowers.

It took me sometime to familiarise myself with the technique of assembling one nice flower! I was so focused that I didn’t know I used up all 2 hours for just one rose! I seriously salute to those who really used up their time to make a bouquet of paper roses for their other halves! If it took me 2 hours to make only one rose, who knows how long will it take to make a bouquet of paper roses !!??

This whole class has definitely trained my patience because trust me, there were times I really wanted to give up because pasting the petals one by one did not only require full attention but also a whole lot of neck strength HAHA ! (: But I did it!

And that’s a wrap! Till then have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more #experiencewithmwp (: (: