I’ve always loved Korean culture. From the oppas I see in Korean dramas, to their skin care products and of course FOOD! If it was not because of my friend, I would never have had a wonderful time in IOI Galleria K-Krazy Fiesta last weekend !!!!

K-Krazy Fiesta is a Korean themed fiesta that features small stalls that sells Korean food, snacks and products. I thought it would just be some typical flea market we get from any other events. To my surprise, they had a Kimchi Making WORKSHOP !!!! This got me very excited!!! I love Kimchi, I would have Kimchi with any dish. And now I can even make my own KIMCHI !!

Before the class even started, ingredients were all ready on the table for each participants, there were also a small piece paper on the side for you to follow. I thought all we had to do was to just follow the instructions listed on the small piece of paper. Oh boy! How wrong was I to even think I could manage everything by myself.

The small piece of paper were just simple steps and it was not written in details.Luckily, the lesson provider was patient with all of us. She gave clear instructions and would also explain why some ingredients were necessary in Kimchi.

I have also noticed that most participants brought their kids along to experience Kimchi making together. I would say that this Kimchi Making workshop is definitely a good way to bond with your loved ones.


I was so proud of myself with my end product and guess what is for tonight’s’ dinner ? HAHAHA KIMCHI STEW!! Nothing more satisfying than eating something that was made by yourself!

And that’s a wrap! Till then have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more #experiencewithmwp