Most of the time, it’s because we choose to eat dinner early or we were so into our Netflix that we lost track of the time. And the next thing we know is that our tummy is growling and a snack is desperately in need!

But we’ve been told a thousand times that it’s not healthy to eat late at night, especially right before bed. But you’re starving, so what to eat ?

First and foremost, our metabolism does not stop at night, it’s just slower than it is during the day. Without a doubt, it is better to have bigger portion of meals during the day but that doesn’t mean you cannot eat at night. Reasonable healthy snacks is okay to be taken at night, because in the end it is not the timing that matters but the total of calories you’ve taken.

Here are some of the healthy late-night snacks that you can look into (: !

Apple and a spoonful of Natural peanut butter

Apple supplies dietary fibre which will make you feel full for a long period of time. Most important is apples are fat free so need not to worry whether it’ll make you fat. A spoonful of peanut butter will not just elevate the whole snack but it is a rich source of protein. Well, too much of it will make you fat but a spoonful is good for you !

Greek yoghurt and banana

Healthy as it sounds, not all greek yoghurt is healthy and good to be eaten as a midnight snack. It would be best to choose a low fat or a non-fat yoghurt as it limits the amount of saturated fats found in normal yoghurt. Low fat yoghurt is full of calcium, zinc, protein and active cultures  that is good for our digestive system. Adding bananas into your yoghurt would not only make it taste better but the magnesium found in bananas helps in battling insomnia. It relaxes your muscles, lower the brain temperature and regulate the hormones. Together, these combo gives out a steady dose of fiber and protein!

Avocado and Toast

Similar to bananas, avocados are also a good source of Magnesium. It has the ability to improve people’s quality of sleep. You can cut an avocado into very thin slices or you can also choose to mashed them up and drizzle them up with olive oil and a sprinkle of black pepper. If you’re more into the sweeter side, you might want to try drizzle honey. Pair them with a good wholemeal bread and you’re good to go! It is for sure packed with protein that will keep you full whole night.

Cereal and Low fat milk

We all know that there are different types of cereals that we can choose from and the sweet ones are often the one that attracts us the most but it is strictly a “NO” if you’re planning to keep fit. Instead of choosing those sugary cereals, choose whole grain cereals accompanied by low fat milk. Whole grain cereals increases your fiber intake, keep weight management and also reduce heart diseases. A meal provide lots of health benefits and keep you full too!

Oatmeal and low fat milk

No matter morning or night, a bowl of oatmeal will never go wrong! It is easy to make and definitely filling. It is also proven that carbs found in oatmeals are a bit different from other carbs as they have the ability to help you get a better sleep. The best thing is you can pair them up with any toppings of your choice. You can choose fruits , nuts or even seeds to go with your oatmeal.

You won’t be able to sleep if you’re hungry and if you leave your stomach empty and sleep, there’s a possibility that you will get  gastric the next day! So if you’re hungry, you should eat, no matter how late it is. Just make sure the food that you consume is relatively light and also make sure to avoid anything spicy, fatty, acidity, sugary and caffeinated. Give these snacks a try !