Your schedule could be very hectic and sometimes you would feel like you could barely get through the day without any sort of energy boosting drinks. However, too much of caffeine and sugar consumed from numerous cups of coffee and tea or even energy boosting drinks such as Redbull would do more harm than good. But how do we stop being so sluggish, sloth-like and and just a plain old laggard? You feel this way because of all the toxins in your body, and yes it is the main reason why you feel so exhausted all the damn time! Try some of these incredibly easy to make Detox water to cleanse your body and feel superb all day long !


Lemon Detox Water

We all know that water hydrates the body and without a doubt the key to removing toxins in our body. But despite knowing this fact, we still won’t drink water as it is not tasty and plain. Well, good news, this first detox water is the simplest of all the other detox water recipes with lots of benefits too. Lemon Detox water is actually just water and squeezed lemon, for best results drink lemon water every morning before you start you day. Why is lemon detox water so good for you? The vitamin C in lemon clears your skin and harmful toxins in your body. Lemon also boosts up your immune system!

Strawberry and Mint Detox Water

This next one will be one of the popular ones especially among the ladies. Strawberry and Mint Detox Water. Strawberries have always been known to be one of the super fruit that brings tons of health benefits! Strawberries have shown to improve the heart. It controls your sugar level and could also prevent cancerous diseases. They are loaded with vitamins, even more than oranges. But the best part of strawberries is that, it does miracles when it comes to weight loss. Well, of course in a good way. It suppresses you from being unnecessarily hungry and to also cut back on sugary drinks. Strawberries can be paired with any type of fruits or vegetables. However, it is best with mint as it taste best on summer days, or perhaps after a workout!

Pineapple, Orange and Ginger Detox Water

Some of you might doubt this combination as they have very strong  flavours individually but surprisingly it taste really good. It gives out a very unique taste and of course a tinge of sweetness from both pineapple and orange. Why ginger? Ginger is greatly known to boost up your immune system and to also increase energy level. Orange is great for regulating blood pressure and pineapple is commonly known to prevent cancerous diseases. Combining them all would make the perfect healthy drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day! (:

Apple Cucumber and Lemon Water

This drink is famous among people who would like to shed their fats away NATURALLY! Apple, Cucumber and Lemon water does not only do a good job in re-hydrating your body but to also detox your body. Cucumber acts as anti-inflammatory and the lemons as mentioned earlier, boosts immune system. Once you’re done with your shower, you’ll be back to yourself in no time ! This works best after a long day at work and refreshing and perfect for hot weather.


With these drinks, you will not have to worry about all the tasks that cannot be done on time or even worried about all the sugary drinks and caffeine you’ve taken up throughout the day to just keep yourself awake. Now that you know, who wouldn’t want a drink that do both taste awesome and cleanses your body! Give detox water a try now!