We all have that one weird food combination that is truly disgusting but taste Uh-ma-zing!. Well, at least that’s what we feel~ HAHA! I’m pretty sure, people, Whether it’s oreo dipped in orange juice or pickles with Nutella, it is time to embrace our odd taste buds. These are a few of the weirdest food combination, some of which are our favourite comfort foods and some that sounds like an impossible pair but just oddly satisfying.

French fries and ice cream

Let’s start with something common first. French fried and ice-cream is nothing new but there are still people out there that find this combination weird! Well, I don’t know about you, but trust me this combination can never go wrong, especially with vanilla ice cream! It’ll be even better if you drizzle some chocolate sauce or even condensed milk on top.


Spicy Cheetos and milk

Cheetos has always been my favourite snack but the spicy ones can be a bit too spicy. What better way to cool off that heat, than using a glass of cold FULL CREAM milk! I mean milk is often used to mild down any spicy food so why not spicy cheetos. The crunchiness of cheetos is also somewhat similar to cereal, so WHY NOT ?!

Maggie and milo

Pretty sure most Malaysians would agree with this one. It sounds super weird but trust me this combination is best for a midnight treat. It goes very well with Maggie Kari. It gives out a very mild sweet curry flavour. More like a sweet japanese curry flavour. Just cook your Maggie the usual way and add 2 tablespoons of Milo in the end before you start slurping all the noodles away.

Durian and Rice

To some people out there, durian smells like toxic and would do anything to get away from the stench of it. However, to some people, durian smells like heaven. They describe durian to be the creamiest fruit in the whole planet. Its creaminess just melt in your mouth! And for that, it makes a perfect gravy to your plate of rice. It goes well with sticky rice along with a splash of coconut milk. YUMMMMMM!!!!


Coke and Chicken

Coke and Chicken is no surprise to most Chinese as this can be viewed as a pretty common dish. Coke is used to marinate the chicken along with a clove of garlic, chilli, salt and ginger. The sweetness in coke can bring out the natural sweetness of the chicken itself. The fizz in Coke could help in breaking down the enzymes, and bring out the tenderness of the meat . You should definitely give this dish a try!



Coleslaw and chilli sauce

We, Malaysians love our food spicy. When I say spicy , we put chilli on almost anything. Even when it doesn’t make sense, we still put them anyway. Because what is a dish without spice?? This is no different when it comes to coleslaw. I know it’s weird putting chilli sauce to some of you but it tastes so much better with chilli sauce., especially the ones from KFC ! It taste good with ketchup too ! Well, try them on your next trip to KFC !