It makes you smarter

Believe it or not, yoga improves the brain’s ability which allows the brain to react quickly and accurately. Most exercises allows you to either zone in or zone out, but yoga encourages you to focus on the present and reflect. The mindful awareness you have while doing yoga would trigger the brain region that is associated with the executive function, working memory and attention. This would help you improve your memory and process information at a faster rate.

It makes you happy & stress-free

Yoga can lift your spirit and make you happy. This happens when your body releases endorphins. If you ever wondered what endorphins are, they are the “feel good” hormones, also known as a natural painkiller that improves your mood. Moreover, yoga helps to lower stress hormones and calms your nervous system. This helps in relaxing the mind body and soul, giving you nothing but positive thoughts all day.

It helps you lose weight

Really? Yes! Yoga does help in fat burning . Although slow and tame, yoga can make you slim. Most exercises help you burn your fats through sweating but practicing yoga helps you lose weight, not only by making you sweat but also by helping you make good healthy food choices. Practicing yoga teaches you balance, harmony and strength. The increased mindfulness and focus you would gain by doing yoga, will help you to facilitate better lifestyle choices and more nutritious food selection that will help you cleanse your body of the delicious but sinfully unhealthy Malaysian food! (Which i think most of us need to do from time to time :D)

It makes you strong

Building muscles is not the main goal of doing yoga, but it does help in building up your immune system. When you are stressed out, you are more likely to fall ill. When that happens, it is hard for you to keep your pathogens at bay. Medicines and Antibiotics do help your body recover but they don’t boost up your immunity system. On the other hand, yoga helps strengthens your immune system by keeping your mind and body stable. This would then lead to a better diet and sleeping patterns that would eventually boost up your immune system!

It helps you sleep

Poor sleeping patterns can make you feel tired, moody, agitated and unproductive during the day. This does not only affect your working quality but also your relationship with your loved ones. Yoga loosens and relaxes the muscles. Poses and Motions in yoga help you increase flexibility and stretch out tense muscles. This helps to induce sleep by leaving both your body and mind at a relaxing state.


So, ready to change your life with Yoga?

Hesitate no more and have yourself registered in Yoga Classes every weekend!

Keep Calm and do Yoga!