Koreans are often known for their flawless skin due to their unique skin care routine that is instilled in their everyday lives. It can be very extensive than what you’re used to because there are a minimum of 10 STEPS !!! Yes! Imagine having to do these 10 steps every morning and night!

However, you don’t have to follow exactly 10 steps, you can customize them to fix your needs. The 10-step routine is all about rejuvenating your skin and achieving a healthy radiance from the within so it may take some time. Trust me, it will all be worth it in the end!! (: (:



Oil Cleanser is good for those who have dry skin and without a doubt a must-have during winter. However, that does not mean that it is not important during the summer or in countries with tropical weather. Oil Cleanser is useful when it comes to removing all the makeup, other oil based makeup products such as sunscreens, dust and also pollution particles.



I know, you would probably be thinking how many times am I even required to wash my face in order to complete this 10-step routine. It’s a lot but each step is essential. The Koreans believe that foam cleanser can remove impurities such as sweat and dirt. To wash your face with both oil cleanser and a foam cleanser is commonly called as “double cleansing. Koreans believe that only through double cleansing your skin will be clean and not even a grime will be left behind.



It is good to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Exfoliation helps clear off all clogged pores and also dead skin cells. By scrubbing off the old and dull layer of that skin, you will have a new layer of skin. However, it is recommended to not exfoliate your skin too often especially those with sensitive skin. Once a week will do. Those with tougher complexion, at most would be 3 times a week.



After all of the cleansing and scrubbing, GOD KNOWS how fragile and vulnerable our skin can be and that is when Toner comes handy. Toner is believed to rehydrate your skin from all the cleansing and also to prepare your skin for better absorption of other steps to come.



The essence is everything in Korean skin care routine, in fact it is the HEART of korean skin care industry as it is the main key player that makes your skin glow. It is the most important step in the whole 10 step skin care routine. A must have item for that glowing skin! The Essence is more or less like a Toner, some would even skip toner and go ahead with essence.



Serum is important for almost everyone. The serum works as “the guy that fixes everything” It’s good for those who have skin pigments or spots. If used daily, it would be able to reduce the amount of pigments and spots on your face.



Now comes the famous masks that got the world’s attention.When it comes to masks, it is important to choose the ones that suits you best. Koreans put more emphasis on hydrating masks but it all depends on your skin type. Brightening masks is not bad at all either, make sure its natural and ofcourse packed with vitamin C because that is the key to brighter and smoother skin.



Sleeping early is always hard when you have a lot of work on hand. However, no matter what, we can’t overlook the fact that as days goes by so does the size of  our eye bags and dark circles.

So don’t ever forget your EYE CREAM ! Or else those eye bags would cause wrinkles around your eyes.



Koreans believe that keeping the face well hydrated is the key to younger complexion and also supple skin. Even after all the toner, essence and hydrating mask , it is still essential to cover your face with a moisturizing cream. Well, this is of course to HYDRATE your skin.



Finally , THE LAST STEP of this whole 10 steps routine will be sunblock! Yes, it is important to keep your skin away from the sun. For those who loves sunbathing, you should be aware that exposing oneself under the sun for too long (especially without a sunblock are more likely to get skin cancer). Well of course, if your 10 step routine is not used during the day, you may just remove this step.

Korean skin care is all about caring and pampering yourself. It is a mindset where almost all Koreans have (including the MEN). 10-steps skin care routine sounds a bit too much but HEY, you don’t have to follow all the steps, you can just choose steps that suits you best and hopefully you’ll get the glowy skin you have been dying for. BUT of course it’s all about persistence and the mindset.