Your sense of smell is way more important than you think. A sense of smell has a direct effect on your brain. Scientists have  also discovered that smelling does not only have to do with your nose but also other scent receptors in your body. No wonder you get a tingly feeling when you smell a freshly baked chocolate cake. You are not just smelling them, the scent itself is affecting you without you noticing. When exposed to the right aromas, your scent receptors can really do amazing things. These are the benefits you would not want to miss!

#1 Forever Young

The scent of sandalwood could help restore your skin. According to researchers, when skin is exposed to sandalwood aroma, new skin cells could grow 30% faster than normal! They further suggested that by applying essential oils or even lotion that has the essence of sandalwood in it could stop skin irritation and provides a whole lot of benefits for anti-aging.

# 2 Curb Appetite

Having difficulty in shedding those fats away? No worries, certain aromas can help you feel full.

It is believed that an aroma compound found in olives can help you cut down on your food intake. Researchers said olives and olive oil slow the absorption of glucose from the blood in liver cells which makes you feel full longer. Now that you know, don’t forget to include olives in your diet or even drizzle some olive oil before you dig in your food. It may sound weird but you could also just simply sniff the aroma of olives or olive oil before each meal.

# 3 Heal faster

A trip to the gym could be very tiring as you put a lot of stress on your muscles. The therapeutic and sweet scent of Jasmine could freshen your body and help your muscles heal even faster. Researchers have discovered that the scent of Jasmine has the ability to calm and relax the body by reducing your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. This would help your body recover at a much faster rate. Do keep a small bottle of jasmine oil in your gym bag and take a sniff of its aroma after the gym or you could pamper yourself with any jasmine scented shower cream. 

#4 Overcome Bloat

Have you ever thought of getting rid of your fat tummy and look slimmer in a matter of hours, it is sort of possible! Herbs like cloves would do the trick. Researchers have  found out that cloves can dramatically increase the serotonin levels in your body that could help regulate your digestive system. The sad news is that, you won’t be able to overcome bloating by just sniffing them. Instead try chewing on cloves whenever you feel bloated. You could also incorporate cloves into your recipes to help your digestive system run smoothly.

# 5 Getting back into your element

Procrastination has gotten the best of your life? You’re not well- focused and can never get things done on time, there is a cure! The scent of peppermint  is known to increase your energy levels and help you get back into your zone. Researchers found out that peppermint  turn on a number of nerve pathways in the body called Reticular Activity System (RAS), which is in charge of regulating our awareness and alertness. Sniff peppermint get yourself all charged up for the day!


Wanna know more on how different herbs and scent could help you? Get yourself enrolled in Aromatherapy classes and live a better version of you starting today!