Afternoon tea is a great time to get together with others or simply just to relax on your own. This also means plenty of finger foods to satisfy an itchy mouth!
Tea time snacks are great because they’re never filling enough to ruin your next meal, but enough to tide you over with a few tasty bites.

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1. Cheese Sticks

We’re all for sweet treats here at My Weekend Plan. But you just need to have some savoury food to bring spice to life!
Melted cheese sticks are a simple and easy snack to make. While you can use deep fry them, this is one of those great fried foods that you can bake instead.

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You can use different kinds of shredded cheeses but always try to add mozzarella if you can! It’s gooey and perfect for helping to combine all the other cheese together, especially if they are the kinds of cheeses that don’t melt as easily.

2. Tarts

You can cut down your baking time if you can get your hands on store bought cookie tarts. These can usually be found in baking supply stores. However, even if you can’t find them they’re plenty easy to make.

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There are so many different types of tarts you can make too! Fruit tarts, egg tarts, cheese tarts, you can even bake cheesecake filling into them if you’d like.

3. Sorbet

If you’re interested in a more refreshing kind of treat, sorbets are the way to go!
Healthier than ice cream and easier to make, sorbets are quite literally just frozen fruits that have been blended. Maybe some honey or sugar is added to the mixture, but that’s really all it needs.

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Be sure to eat them quick before they melt!

4. Kuih

As Malaysian, we can never really stray too far from our roots, when our traditional recipes are so delicious!
There are so many different kinds of kuihs that you can enjoy as a tea time snack. They go great with pretty much any coffee or tea that you have on hand as well. If you’re interested in learning what are some traditional favourites besides kuih, read our article here!

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If you do want to make kuihs however, be sure to stock up some santan and condensed milk. They are some of the most common ingredients used for making various kuih.

5. Cookies & Biscuits

Cookies are a staple tea time snack. While you can still consider them finger food, you can actually make cookies any size you want so long as you cook them properly. They come in various flavours like chocolate chip, oatmeal and raisins even stuffed with caramel.
Biscuits come a bit trickier depending on what kind you’re referring to. English biscuits are muffin shaped and are usually enjoyed with butter and jam, but there are also biscuits more like the Marie biscuits.

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Marie biscuits are practically made to be dunked into some hot coffee and tea. They absorb the liquid well so that they can taste like whatever you’re drinking along with they’re original biscuit flavour.

6. Doughnuts

Everyone loves doughnuts!
This deep fried pastry is accompanied with different types of sweet dips and toppings. There are even different kinds of doughnuts themselves!
Some of these other doughnuts are:

  • Normal fried yeast-doughnuts
  • Baked doughnuts
  • Pon de ring doughnuts
  • Mochi doughnuts


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Each different doughnut type has their own different tastes and textures. For example, Pon De Ring doughnuts are fluffy and chewy while Mochi doughnuts are dense and the chewiest of all doughnuts.
You can learn how to make and decorate baked doughnuts in one of our classes! Come on and ask us about it.

7. Macarons

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Macarons are a trendy snack and gift now. This is because they can take on such pretty colours along with being able to be made into cute shapes and be decorated pretty much however you like.
They can also be filled with various fillings and frostings. Examples are white chocolate rose, matcha and even dark chocolate ganache.
Macarons are hard to make unfortunately. Luckily, we have a class for this too!

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It’s always nice to be able to share a few treats with friends and family during tea time. However, having a quiet afternoon just indulging yourself with your favourite snacks is something you should do every once in a while.
Most of these tea time snacks are easy enough to make on your own, but if you want to try your hand at more advanced recipes, let us guide you!
We have certified dessert chefs eager to teach you the steps and techniques to make your favourite baked goods! Take a look at our available classes and see if any caught your eye!