Caramel is a syrup-like sauce that is made by only using white sugar.
If you want its cousins, butterscotch or toffee, you will need to use brown sugar and butter. Caramel can also be creamier by adding whipped cream to make softer caramels like milk caramel. However, salted caramel is especially prefered by adults for its stronger flavour.
But caramel has just a bit too much sweetness on its own and it is best paired with other desserts in order to be able to properly enjoy and appreciate the wonderful taste.
If you’ve got a hankering for caramel dessert, here are some options for you to try out!

Crème caramel

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In Malaysia, crème caramel was likely one of your first experiences with caramel desserts.
The classic crème caramel, unlike crème brulee, is silkier in texture and has an eggy flavour. It’s easy to make and people love it so much that you can even find jars of it in Ramadan bazaars alongside pandan spreads!
While you can just use pre-mixes that can be found in any grocery store, with the basic recipe being so simple it’s fun to just make it on your own. And as long as there is adult supervision, even kids can make this on their own!

Salted caramel cheesecake

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Did you know, cheesecakes aren’t actually cakes?
They’re one of those desserts that can’t really fit any particular category of dessert. Some people consider it a pie or a torte or even a flan!
Cheesecakes come in both baked and no-baked forms. But no matter which one you prefer, you can’t go wrong with topping it off with a caramel spread.
A salted caramel cheesecake is a filling cake that is all about balancing sweet and rich flavours, much like caramel itself.
Depending on the colour of your caramel, you can get a very nice earthy-to-golden brown spread to complement the pale yellow of your cheesecake filling. Let gooey caramel drip down the sides of your cake gives it a fun personality as well. Truly Instagram worthy!

Caramel fudge


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The first question you might be asking is “What is fudge?”. After all, fudge is a fairly rare treat to be able to find even when you are specifically looking for it.
Fudge is a soft and malleable candy that is more similar to a really dense marshmallow than a cake or chocolate bar.
Chocolate fudge is the most popular flavour, but it can come in almost any other flavours as well! Examples of these are peanut butter fudge, candy cane and of course, caramel fudge.
If you have ever had a really soft, moist and chewy brownie, you can imagine a similar texture to a chocolate fudge. Just imagine how delicious a caramel fudge would be!
It’s almost pure caramel at this point without the mess of the liquid nature of caramel. Toss in some other add-ons like almonds or dried fruit to balance out the taste of concentrated caramel if you want to.

Caramel Popcorn

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Caramel popcorn is a great movie snack that somehow always gets overlooked when it comes to homemade snacks and desserts. It’s hard to understand why whe they’re so easy to make!
And it’s a great idea to make it from scratch as well. Bought caramel popcorn always seems to never have enough caramel coating the popcorn anyways.
If you want to skip a few steps, you can just buy some microwavable popcorn so that you don’t have to season it yourself.
However if you’re more into saving some cash, popcorn kernels are fairly cheap to buy in bulk. Besides, when they’re plain you can use them for other recipes for another time like DIY energy bars. You don’t even need an oven to make that recipe!
If you want to find out more recipes that don’t need an oven, check out this list of “7 Desserts that You Can Make without an Oven”.

Caramel-stuffed cookies

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Cookies can come in so many different types and flavours. Crumbly, crunchy or even chewy, there’s sure to be some kind of cookie that has captured the heart of every person. Yes, even people that despise sugary treats. Spiced cookies are a thing after all!
For people with a hankering for caramel, the caramel-stuffed cookie is a whole new world of wonder.
As long as the cookie is not the crumbly or fragile kind, you have pretty much free range on whatever kind of cookie you want to use as the outer shell. Just take a bite or crack it open and the delicious caramel will ooze out. So take note that there will be a mess!
Best eaten still warm from the oven, this gooey treat is sure to satisfy your desire for that sweet caramel goodness!

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As you can see, there are so many different ways to freshen up and reignite your love affair with caramel desserts. Many of these desserts have several versions to their recipes for you to personalise them as you wish, so go ahead and try them out.
If you want to try and make some of these yourself, we might have some classes in your baking course catalogue. We update our classes every 2-3 months, so you never know what recipes may catch your eye!