You often tell yourself to be more productive every single day, but most of the time you would procrastinate the whole day and end up doing nothing! Most of the time, it is not because of hideous piles of work or even excessive amount of deadlines, but it is just you being unproductive. You would be focused on your work for roughly an hour and then fall into the pithole of the internet for eternity. Even when it was not because of the internet, you would just be doing something else instead of your own work.

Here are the few things that might help you increase your productivity drastically. Because being able to get things done on time would be AHH-mazing ! What do you think ?

Delete all of your social media apps

Social media has made a positive impact on bringing people together and has made our lives so much easier in many ways but we all have to agree that it does hinder us from all the tasks we have on hand. We would try to delete all of them but usually ending up re-downloading them! A better solution to this would be deleting them once and for all, and whenever you feel like scrolling through your social media app, you could just choose to browse it online. By doing this, you won’t be constantly checking on your notifications.

Sleep early, Wake up early

As Malaysians, we love to put the blame on everything and anything but ourselves. Let’s face it, we would often blame the long hours getting stuck in the jam, the limited parking spaces,our bosses, friends and family and now even for not having enough time. But never once, would we even try to reflect on how to make the situation better. One advice would be to sleep early and wake up early. You would say that you’re not a morning person and that waking up early is impossible. However, having too much sleep would  make you even more tired and would eventually drain you throughout the day with not one task done. In fact, a study has proven that you are more likely to perform better in puzzles and solve complex equations by having that 8 hours snooze every night. It would really help in freshening your mind and get that full focus that you want.

Priority List > What-to-do list

We often think that by listing out all of the things that must be done today or in a weeks time would really help us get everything done. However, in reality it does not always go according to plan and we might not be able to complete all our tasks and even might miss out some important ones. At the end of the day, you will need to “OT” to get all our tasks done on time. So, instead of only listing out all of the things that has to be done today or for the week, why not take a further step in arranging them by most important tasks to least important tasks. By doing this, you would be able to focus all of your time on the important ones first and leave out the least important ones for later.

Change your attitude

When you’re loaded up with a lot of tasks and deadlines, you are more likely to feel demotivated and that is when you will start to doubt your work and yourself. In the long run, this may lead to high level of stress and even depression. When you let your anger or sadness take over, you would most likely give up on the task. So, whenever you have thoughts like “I am so done” , “I will never be able to finish all this work.” or even “I might as well just die.” you should first calm yourself down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to compliment yourself for all the tasks that you HAVE done and the achievements that you’ve accomplished. Remind yourself on why you started these tasks and move on. Here, you change all of your negative thoughts that you had earlier into positive thoughts like “I can do it ”, “I know I can do better!” and “There’s much more that I would like to accomplish.”

Have a break

Being hard working is good but there is a difference between being hard working and straining yourself too much! It’s okay to have a short break between work. Get yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee or stretch your muscles. Do something that makes you happy for a little while because resting between work is important for you both mentally and physically. Studies found out that by taking a short break between work would help freshen your mind and would also lower symptoms of migraine headaches, back pains, eye strains and many more uncomfortable aches. Perhaps, you could start to time yourself for each task and give yourself a short break in between!


Start building up these life-changing habits for a happier and a much more productive life! We all procrastinate and we all have moments where we just want to chill and do nothing. However, time is too precious to waste! So start your productive day now!