Hand Sanitizers has always been generally known to decrease germs and infectious agents on our hands. That is why, a bottle of hand sanitizers is often seen in public toilets and even in certain restaurants. However, these bottles of hand sanitizer does not only help you fight germs but also make your life much easier. Here are some hand sanitizer life hacks that would leave you speechless!

It removes stains easily

Got your favourite t-shirt or pair of jeans stained? No worries, hand sanitizers can help you remove all the stains away! All you have to do is spread a blob of hand sanitizer all over the stain, let it soak and rub it in. Repeat the steps until the stain is gone.

Cleans brushes easily

Believe it or not, hand sanitizers clean makeup brushes easily. You could use cotton or tissue paper, squeeze one or two pumps of hand sanitizer and wipe away excess makeup on your makeup brushes. It does not take much of time and it certainly has made life easier. It does not only work with makeup brushes but also different types of brushes!

Remove greasy oil from your phone screen

Let’s be real, our mobile phone is always by our side 24/7. We often eat and scroll on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube while having a bag of chips on the side or even when we’re having a meal. This makes your phone screen cover  greasy and imagine that being on your face! How disgusting! A paper towel and a pump of hand sanitizer would just do the trick.

Emergency Deodorant

Running late for meeting and got all sweaty and smelly? Hand sanitizer is the answer! Head yourself  to the nearest washroom and wipe your sweat with a hand sanitizer and trust me, it will kill the smell and the bacteria too! So make sure to pack yourself a mini bottle of hand sanitizer inside your bag all the time!

Removes bacteria from baby zits

Well, people often advise us to not apply alcohol on our faces but it won’t harm to put a small amount of it onto your newly formed zits or in other words acnes. Acnes are often formed by bacteria and by wiping a small amount of alcohol on your acne would help ease the itchiness and kill off bacteria. However, it’s advisable to not use it frequently and only during desperate times as hand sanitizers can cause dryness to your skin.


Now that you know how these could help your life easier and probably a lifesaver, do keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizers in your bag because we never know, it might be the one thing that you need to avoid embarrassing situations !