Night Walks

One of Malaysia’s many fortunes is that we get to be surrounded by nature. Even city dwellers are only a few hours drive away from a ocean-side holiday or a jungle trek. However, you wouldn’t even have to go far to discover the flora and fauna in the hidden nooks and crannies of Petaling Jaya.
A guided night walk would be a fun and educational journey for both children and adults alike. After all, in 2017, over 70% of Malaysians are living in urban areas and cities and 80% of the country’s economic activity happening there as well. So a night walk would be a fantastic way to literally get your shoes dirty and experience things that so many people take for granted.
Although not even close to an extreme sport, there are ideal times to know when to arrange for a guided night walk. For example, the aftermath of a rain would bring out more amphibians as the air becomes more moist.
You can optionally track the phases of the moon as well!
A bright full moon would help in spotting all the little critters flitting about in the dark corners of your route.
There is a bounty of various reptiles, amphibians and critters to be spotted, if you just know where to look. If you’re eager to know how and where to find them, take a guided tour by those knowledgeable in the literal field.

Scuba Diving

Being a tropical country, it is almost a given that scuba diving would appear in a list such as this. Warm waters give way to a vibrant underwater ecosystem that calls to both locals and tourists alike.
However, one must always beware of the furtive change of wind and tide.Besides during the warmer weather is the hatching periods of turtles meaning safer waters and would increase your chances of seeing more marine life.
There is even a more leisurely variant on this activity called “Scuba Doo”. Essentially an underwater scooter, your group of explorers will be able to see more marine life as you can stay closer to the ocean floor.

Dirt Biking

Touch base with your inner wild child by going dirt biking with your friends or family.
Ride all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) zooming over crested dirt mounds and muddy ditches. After all, there’s no better way to embrace Mother Nature than to get some tête-à-tête with earth itself.
However, as you might have noticed, with the word “dirt” being so prevalent in this entry, you need to take care as to the condition of your tracks if you want to ride an ATV.
Try to plan around the monsoons and rainy seasons as rain will erode the integrity of the land making for a potentially dangerous experience. You would be travelling through a frictionless liquid mass rather than properly compacted dirt piles.

White Water Rafting

As a team-based water sport and cousin to the relatively tamer and solo driven, kayaking, white water rafting is for groups of thrill seekers. While still safe, this activity offers the excitement of experiencing nature’s own roller coaster.
Fall in love with the bumps, the splashes and the wind rushing past your ears as your teammates scream and shout in exuberance.
Some of Malaysia’s best rivers for rafting for you to consider are;

  • Selangor River
  • Ulu Slim River
  • Gopeng river

However be sure to ask your event coordinator about the skill level required for that route as there are different classes to the difficulty of each river.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

You may also consider elevating your outdoor team building activities to greater heights, literally.
Yes! Malaysia actually has hot air balloon services as well as an annual event, the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Take to the skies with your friends and family and marvel at the sights.
You can ride them by booking a MyBalloon pass, but you can also arrange an outing at your own time. It goes without saying that you should avoid going for a hot air balloon ride during windy-rainy seasons, however you might have forgotten about the sun.
Our ozone layer is thinning and with Malaysia being a tropical country with lots of sun anyway. You need to be aware of the lasering UV rays you will be exposed to by being high up in the atmosphere with little shade. Be sure to pack the strongest sunscreen you can find and double coat!


Despite its many similarities with night walks, the whole purpose of hiking is in its name; the incline. Besides literal escapism, hikers love the crisp fresh air and bright sunlight that comes with cruising the hilltops.
Mountain trekking is a relatively inexpensive excursion. Just be sure to shell out some cash for some mid-range sports shoes at least. You don’t want to be stranded on a hill with nothing but a wary trek down with feet vulnerable to the elements.
While generally a year-round activity, if you are an infrequent hiker, it’s best to capitalise on Malaysia’s many public holidays rather than attempting to go during a general holiday season such as December. This may allow you to avoid running into tourists when all you want is a leisurely hike, soaking nature and getting to know your hike-mates.

Cave Exploration

Finally, explore the several caves we have in Malaysia on a guided tour. Cave exploration gives you a true appreciation for how our country has secrets and wonders even where the sun can’t reach.
There are several different things for people to see by going cave exploring;

  • The culture and lifestyles of the aborignal people that used to live there
  • The flora and fauna that make a home in caves
  • The journey

While the first 2 points are fairly self-explanatory, “the journey” is an all-encompassing statement about the experience of how you travel and overcome challenges throughout the cave. There may be sheer cliffs, underground rivers, crumbling geography…
Any number of things that makes cave exploration so much more special than simply an educational tour through nature.
Cave exploration guides are recommended to be arranged between the months of March to October, the dry season to reduce the risk of flooding in certain caves.
That’s it! Feel free to contact My Weekend Plan to have a customized team building plan crafted out just for you!