Baking gives us a canvas with which we can feed both our mouth and eyes. What kind of desserts can offer us the best outlet for diverse creations?

1) Sugarcraft

Sugar crafting is more of creating a dessert ornament rather than a dessert itself, but if it isn’t one of the most glorious ornaments you will have ever laid eyes on I don’t know what is.

Delicate and fragile looking, if you’ve ever been in awe of the stained glass windows in a cathedral, you can now adorn this unto your already beautifully crafted cake.

2) Faultline cake

The wonder of the faultline cake runs on the same philosophy of the Japanese’s kintsugi. Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken crockery with molten gold to refuse the pieces together. The idea behind this is that things that have been broken can be repaired to become more beautiful and valuable.

Definitely want more to be seen than eaten, the Geode cake is a variant on Faultline cakes. Having had a surge of popularity in 2017 but began in 2016, this stunning cake design makes it seem as if your creation has been cracked open revealing beautiful and precious ores within.

As these “geodes” are made of rock candy, and there being so many of them, it’s highly recommended that you pursue the creation for its artistic rather than edible value. There is a blasphemous amount of sugar on this cake, because again… rock sugar.

3) Roll cake

Roll cakes are just a simple fluffy cake rolled in cream but they can be adorable too!

A simple process of drawing your desired pictures and caricatures with icing/food colouring and wipe it off after a few minutes.

Anyone who’s tried their hand at Henna art will understand how simple this process is. The difference is that it can come in various colours and you can eat your designs!

It’s such a fun activity, even though we used to have a class on this!

4) Cupcakes

The quintessential canvas, cupcakes are one of the first things aspiring decorators try their hand at.

Cute, quaint and numerous, the fact that cupcakes come as small and many for each of their batches is a reason why it’s great to practice your piping skills on!

This means that you have many chances to learn how to perfect your skills and designs without wasting too many ingredients.

It’s no surprise that many people still love to go to specialty cupcake bakeries even if it’s just to stare longingly at their products. In fact, a leader on the consumer market even notes that there is a trend nowadays to have cupcakes instead of cakes at a wedding.

5) Cookies

Cookies (if done right) have a naturally rich golden-brown colour, quietly courting you with a promise of the warmth of childhood reminisce.

So they’re plenty pretty on their own.

But why stick to plain and bare cookies when you can decorate them with whatever designs you want? Not only can you design them in any way you want, they can be made into any shape you want as well.

Decorating cookies is an activity that is especially great for children. With their bright colours and dexterity training, you can maintain their attention a well as develop fine motor skills at the same time!

6) Pretzels

However not all people want to saturate their taste buds with sugar. In that case, take a gander at decorating pretzels.

Yes pretzels!

Pretzels can come in both the salty, crunchy biscuit and the warm doughy goodness like Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Because of their more savoury nature, you have a vast variety of different toppings that you can decorate your treat with.

7) Pancakes

Pancake art is a simple fun activity that you can do without any fancy tools or long wait times.

Simply use a nozzled bottle to draw your design on to your heated skillet and wait a while before pouring in more batter from a bowl to make the rest of your pancake. Food colouring is optional if you want a more vibrant- dessert!
Just be careful about your timing because some colours burn easier than others

8) Pastries

Yes, we consider pastries a dessert and you should too!

While pastries do come in all forms of designs, flavours and textures, My Weekend Plan offers a class for you to learn not 1, not 2, but 3 different designs of choux pastry. A French classic!

Or with doughnuts for example, if you want to get to decorating straight away, you could just buy a pack of plain doughnuts and get started straight away.

A simple dip into your preferred glaze and you’re set to arrange toppings and sprinkles as your inner artist desires.

If you’re interested in learning about how to make them from scratch, we provide a class on that as well!

9) Macarons

Macarons are admittedly a dying fad, but they always caught the eye for their lovely literal dyes!

If you happen to be in the baking community like us, there didn’t used to be a day that you didn’t come across some pastel rainbow on Instagram! Even now there are some instagram accounts seemingly dedicated to just macarons.

But don’t let their minimalistic image get you down. Macarons are a great canvas because they’re so versatile in how you can shape and design them

Character macarons or simply drawn designs and letterings.

But of course, the macaron itself is a skill in and of itself. If you happen to be curious about the step-by-step process, come and ask us about our available classes!

10) Cake pops/Cakesicle

Another great suggestion for parent-and-child activities. Cake pops and cakesicles have the brightly coloured appeal of cookie decoration but it’s a little more hands-on.

Once you have baked the cake beforehand, you can essentially let your kids take over the creative process with a little guidance on handling low heated appliances.

If you think your child might be interested, come and inquire about our parent and child class.

11) Chocolate

Chocolate, nothing but glorious chocolate…

If you want that is.

There’s a surprising amount of various different ways you can mould chocolate to become your pièce de résistance, instead of just, you know, using a mould.

You can even set yourself a challenge of making the most realistic looking object possible and ask your friends and family to guess what your creation is. This is inspired by Japanese game show “Tokio vs. Arashi Ultraman Dash” wherein contestants are placed in a room and must discover all chocolate based objects by biting into them.