Company team building outings are something that you reward your employees for their continuous efforts over the years. That is why these outings must be memorable so that your employees know that you appreciate their hard work over the years. In order to accomplish this, it is important to keep in mind that these activities must be memorable and also relaxing. That is why activities like scuba doo, hot air ballooning, and also night hiking are perfect for such company outings. These relaxing and memorable activities will show your employees that you appreciate all their efforts for the company and truly care about their well being.



A new experience is always memorable for everyone. It is this break away from our dull monotonous life and feels extremely refreshing. This change of pace is especially more valuable when done in a company outing setting. It gives your employees a chance to know their colleagues better and builds meaningful relationships with one another. For that why have your employees try out Scuba Doo. Scuba doo is basically scuba diving but using an underwater scooter. The difference between the activities is that with scuba doo, you get to see more marine life by exploring the ocean floor on a scooter. This unique experience makes it perfect for a memorable company outing. Other than that, you can also bring your team out for a hot air ballooning experience. Feel the wind in your face as you get to see Malaysia’s beautiful scenery from a new breathtaking perspective. Sometimes seeing the world from a different perspective can prove invaluable especially when applied to your own work. Lastly, experience the cool refreshing air of Malaysia’s tropical jungle during the night with a night trek. The cooling night air combined with encountering various nocturnal animals makes for a memorable outing together that your employees will never forget.



Company team building outings aim to bring your employees together and have them share memorable experiences with each other. The result is employees who feel more motivated to work harder due to your appreciation of all their efforts that they’ve put into the company.


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