Your employees are stuck mostly indoors doing their work all year round. This sometimes can lead to some health and sometimes mental issues developing among your employees. In order to circumvent this from happening, it’s best that you occasionally plan your corporate team building activities outdoors. Not only are outdoor activities fun and thrilling, but it also takes away the dull drone of office life. Leaving your employees physically and mentally refreshed to get back into action in the office. Some examples of fun and thrilling outdoor team building activities are waterfall abseiling, dirt biking and surfing during monsoon season. These thrilling outdoor activities are perhaps just what the doctor ordered for your team building needs.




Outdoor activities provide a great and refreshing break from the slow unchanging pace of working life. These kinds of team building activities are usually adventurous and thrilling. In order to let your employees experience more from life, these activities are necessary to get the adrenaline pumping and hype up the motivation for work. An example of an adventurous outdoor activity would be waterfall abseiling. This extreme activity will have you abseil down the side of a roaring waterfall in the complete safety and protection of your abseiling gears. While this activity may not be for the faint of heart, it is a great confidence booster for those who are up for a challenge. Your team will rise to the occasion and be more motivated at work after going through this thrilling once in a lifetime experience. If waterfall abseiling sounds too dangerous for you, why not try out dirt biking. Nothing gets the blood pumping like the sound of motorized engines as you tear through the dirt racing track. Your employees will require to focus and pay attention to the course and the speed of their motorbikes to stay balanced and not fall off their bikes as they go through the race course. Sometimes getting down and dirty can make for some fun times with colleagues, right? If those two outdoor activities aren’t exciting enough for you, then surfing during monsoon season may be more up your alley. During monsoon season, the waves in Malaysia will grow in size making it perfect for surfing. You don’t have to be a pro surfer to be able to enjoy surfing because, in the end, the most important thing is that you experience something new. That experience alone is what makes these exciting outdoor team building activities worth trying out.



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