Why Join Us

  • It's Free - We provide free services of listing your classes. We assist to market your classes across our large pool of students, social media and many more.
  • Reach Out to More Students - Let us fill in the empty seats for you by shouting out your classes.
  • Expand your Network - Gain access to our clients looking for private events such as team building workshops, public speaking lessons and many more.

Success Cases

  • Just two weeks after I list my class at My Weekend Plan, I got about 10 students sign up for my class, it shows better result than I use Facebook Marketing Ads to promote which spend more money. And I am glad that my current ROI for each class is better than I do marketing by my own previously. Thanks My Weekend Plan! - Tiffany Lim
  • Definitely a blessing for My Weekend Plan giving me opportunity to list my class. I wish to have more people to learn art, but I do not know how can I expand the market. My Weekend Plan came at the right time. Now I don't have to worry about finding students, instead I can focus in my teaching syllabus and provide more value to my students. - Stephany Tan
  • Listing my class at My Weekend Plan is a great experience! My class exposure increase by two fold after we list at My Weekend Plan. We would recommend it for the ease, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and extremely helpful support from them! - Adam Lee

Frequently Ask Question

1What is My Weekend Plan?
A marketplace to connect teachers with students locally. You’ll share your own professional profile to us, choose what subject to teach, set your price, schedule, class availability, then your class is ready!
How it works?
1. Students search for class at My Weekend Plan
2. Students sign up and make payment through your class listing.
3. We will handle all the billing then we will pay you accordingly through direct deposit to your bank for the lesson you teach.
2What is the requirement to be our teacher? Who can register as our partner / lesson providers at My Weekend Plan?
We would love to work with you if you are the one who has intention to teach and willing to guide other people of your skills. Either you work as individual, have a team or from education institution, My Weekend Plan will help to market your class effectively!
3Why should I listed on My Weekend Plan?
We offer the simplest way to help grow your teaching business.
1. Free Listing
You will have your free profile, and tons of students could access to our site and discover your lessons! It’s 100% risk free without any upfront payment.
2. Marketing Campaign
We constantly organize marketing campaign. We will have a nationwide lesson fair to attract more students and cultivate the culture of learning. You can tap on My Weekend Plan to increase your lesson exposure in different area of Malaysia.
3. Focus on what you love
With the targeted marketing by team of My Weekend Plan, now you can focus on teaching, leave the rest to us.
4Any service charges from My Weekend Plan?
There is no monthly subscription for listing your classes at My Weekend Plan. It is totally 100% risk free, you do not have to pay us any upfront fees. Meanwhile the only service charge from MWP is when we receive a paid student and deliver to you for conduct class.
After we have placed paid student to your class, we will automatically deduct our service charge 15% from the course fees, and the balance will be transfer back to your bank every Friday.
5What is the best price to charge for my class?
If you are starting out, please bear this in mind. Be fair, be competitive! As the decision for pricing is totally 100% up to you, you might need to do some market research, know how much other teachers are charging while examining other factors like venue and course outline, and packages.
If you’re still unsure about what price to set, I highly recommend you to ask local lesson providers in your area, get at least 5 then get the average price. If you set your class price too low, you might expect the number of students might fluctuate. As most people associate price with quality.
Still bear in mind, that every class will have 15% service charge to cover administration cost and marketing cost.
6Can students pay to me directly?
No. All payments must go through My Weekend Plan.
You are agree that all lesson payment will go through my weekend plan from the day you sign up as lesson provider in My Weekend Plan. All lessons include initial lessons and subsequent lessons. For higher student repeat purchase for the lesson, it will impact your ranking in the searches in My Weekend Plan and indirectly increase your chance of getting new students to sign up.
As compared to other site, they might charge an upfront payment, membership fees, cost per leads, but it is never us! We only earn when you do. Failure to comply this guideline, your listing will immediately remove from our site, we do not want that, but sorry to say that our partnership is over.
7How do I get listed on My Weekend Plan?
We are looking forward for it ! There are few ways, you can send email to us ( Send us your profile. Let us know which class are you providing, and some other class details, please attach together with photo of your product and previous class. You also can send a message at our Facebook Page. We will understand and evaluate your class. Once it is good, we will list the class, and your class is live and wait for student to register. Depending on the demand in that area, you will realise how fast you can get students.
8How can I attract more students to my class?
Provide us a professional / looking good profile picture.
Let us know as detail as possible for the class you are teaching, students have higher tendency to sign up the class if you are paying more effort in sharing about what’s your expertise and what you’ll cover in the class.
9So, am I guaranteed to get student?
It is really depends on two main factor: Demand on your subject and Your Profile / Experience. According to our experience, students mostly choose class based on availability, travel distance, student review, class and product photo, student review and pricing comparison. I would suggest you to take more photo of your class then after every single class end, please ask for a favour to leave a review at the class.
10Does My Weekend Plan provide venue?
If you do not have any venue to teach, we have physical venue for rent at low rental cost specifically for My Weekend Plan lesson providers. The venue can fits up to 30-40 students.
11Can I cancel my class?
We do encourage you to reschedule the class instead of cancel it. You may cancel the class with the condition that you need 100% refund to all students. And inform every single students 24 hours before the class. If less than 12 hours for notification, we might cancel our future partnership as it is a promise for students. For class reschedule, students have the option to get refund as well. Please do note that admin processing fees may apply for class cancellation.
12What’s with the whole partnership plan?
“Together Everyone Achieve More”
1. We vow to bring 1 million of people to My Weekend Plan platform to use in our country.
2. You build your own professional profile and provide value added class to impact more people in Malaysia.
13Is there any guideline for lesson provider?
As lesson provider, you have to
1. Allow My Weekend Plan handle the billing for all the initial and subsequent lessons as long as students are provided by My Weekend Plan.
2. Update all the information of lesson accurately.
3. Provide latest schedule details directly with students.
4. Inform My Weekend Plan if any issue with billing from students and absenteeism of students.

At the same time, you also agree
1. You are not authorized to make any commitment or representation on behalf of My Weekend Plan unless specifically or authorized by us to do so.
2. You are solely responsible for, and will file on a timely basis, all tax returns and payments required to be filed with, or made to, any federal, state or local tax authority with respect to the performance of the services and receipt of compensation from us.
3. You will observe all anti-harassment and non-discrimination laws in the performance of your services.
4. You will not list personal information on your teaching profile, such as your last name, phone number, email address and/or links to other websites.
5. You are not entitled to any of the benefits that we may make available to our employees, such as group health or life insurance, profit-sharing or retirement benefits.
6. Your relationship with us is that of an independent contractor, and nothing in these Guidelines, the Terms of Use, or any agreement is intended to, or shall be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture, employment or similar relationship between you and us.