Some people will go on and on about the glorious wonders of dessert decorating elements like buttercream frosting or fondant. But these take time, skills and patience to master.
The more elaborate and complicated the decoration, the more fun it is to make. However, sometimes, you just want to sit back and enjoy your hard earned dessert without it looking too shabby.

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There are some easy desserts that always look good, but what if you just want to cover your cake up a bit? Hide a few parts that got burnt a bit or a small chunk that got stuck to the pan?
This article will tell you about some easy methods to spruce up how your desserts look. All without having to deal with adding another big mess on top of your already waiting dirty pile of measuring bowls and spatulas.

1. Whipped cream

Easy to make and it comes in a can if you’re super lazy!
All you need are a piping bag and some piping tips to get the job going. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of off-brand ones on local stores that are perfectly fine at getting the job done. You can also just use a take-away plastic bag with one end snipped off to act as a piping bag.

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Different piping tips and different angles change the shape and design of however you’re using your whipped cream to decorate. But you can’t go wrong with just simple swirls if you’re worried about it coming out ugly.
Add a dash of flavouring like vanilla or even mint, maybe you could even throw in a few drops of food colouring and really make a vibrant looking cake!

2. Frozen Fruits

If you’ve got some fruits lying around your house, you would likely be in the mind to eat them quickly before they go off. There are several ways you can add fruits into your baked goods, one of them is to use them as a frozen dessert topping!
This method is great for desserts like baked cheesecakes, where the cake itself shouldn’t be going in the freezer. So your topping should be made separately and assembled later.
You only need 3 things to do this trick:

  • Fruits that are canned or have lots of juices (E.g. peaches or lychees)
  • 2 layers of plastic sheets
  • A flat board

For the plastic sheets, you can use the asme type of take-away plastic bags in the previous entry, make sure that the size is large enough to cover your pan. Just use a scissors or a blade to cut them into two seperate pieces.

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Dampen your board with a bit of water and place one of the plastic sheets on it. The water will help secure the plastic sheet in place as you work on it. Slice and arrange them together artfully at the center of one of the plastic sheets. It will get a bit messy because of how sticky the juices are though. When you’re done, cover it with the second layer of plastic and carefully place it in the freezer until it’s frozen.
Now, you just need to remove the bottom plastic sheet and carefully flip it over on top of your cake!

3.Sugar Glaze

A sugar glaze is another quick and easy recipe that goes with many recipes. There are plenty of simple recipes online that you can find, and because it’s so simple you can add pretty much any flavouring you want if you’re bored of the basic vanilla flavour.

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It takes between 5-10 minutes to make depending on how much and what kind of ingredients you’re using. The only other thing you need to do is to make sure that your baked goods have already been cooled to room temperature before you drizzle the sugar glaze on it.
Sugar glazes cool and harden at room temperature. This makes it great for baked goods like pastries that shouldn’t be put in the refrigerator as they are best consumed hot or at least room temperature.

4.Icing Sugar

Don’t want to deal with the sticky mess that comes with sugar glazes? Just use icing sugar!
Also known as powdered sugar, the only types of desserts you shouldn’t be using them for are the kinds that melt and condense like froyo, certain chocolates and no-bake desserts.
Use a sieve to achieve a snow-like effect on your cake by tapping the sieve rim gently.

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Like the sugar glaze, you can also flavour it although you are slightly more limited in your options. With a grater, you can sprinkle on some zest from citrus fruits like lemon and oranges.

5. Cocoa Powder

The problem with icing sugar is not only that it’s adding more sugar into your recipe, but it’s pure white. If you’ve got a pale coloured dessert like butter cakes, it just won’t go together!
Instead, use cocoa powder with the same sifting method to add a bit of personality to your desserts!

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If you’re trying to have a healthier recipe or your dessert is already pretty sweet, use dark cocoa powder. It’s got more pure cocoa and the bitter flavour will help to balance out the rest of your dessert.
Want to make more quirky designs?
Draw and cut out some designs on a piece of paper and hold it in between your cake and the sieve. This way you can get some silhouette images on your dessert!

If these easy tips have piqued your interest in dessert decoration, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. We have Seasonal and Promotional baking classes, both updated every 2-3 months to stay fresh and trendy.
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