Defined as “to cook by dry heat in an oven or on heated metal or stones.” by, one thing amazing about baking is the versatility of the craft. But even then, for certain delicacies like custards and cheesecakes, you would need a water bath to make sure that it cooks properly without falling apart.
So it is no surprise that millennials have taken a shine to baking. Regardless of misinformed mockery about their lacking house-keeping skills, stress baking has risen in popularity with a fervour this generation. The Atlantic mentions that they prefer engaging with this hobby on the weekend as their longer working hours prevent them from cooking day-today meals.
It is important, then, to know why healthy baking is so important and a few tips to adapt your recipes in order to improve your diet.

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Get results you can see, feel and eat!

First and foremost, baking just makes you happier. So many of us are now taking up jobs where we are stuck in the office all day, staring at computer screens and talking to faceless people over the phone. Simply the ability to create and see the end result of your efforts is extremely gratifying.


Stress relieving

The term stress baking was labelled as such because it is an outlet for releasing your pent up aggressions. The methodological predictability is comforting to many of us that suffer from anxiety and if you were to decide to do some group baking, you could improve your relationships and communication skills as well!

Quality with a capital Q!

It should be able to go without saying that one of the forefront benefits of doing your own baking is fresher tastes and textures.With all the various unique desserts and pastries in the world, there isn’t really a word to describe a universal word for “this is a disappointing sop that’s gone too long without the love of consumption”. There is simply a progression range of “DIY Sahara Dessert kit” to “Error: please register object on Mohs hardness scale”

Flexible Recipes for a Healthy You!

Large and in charge is the next point. No one’s your boss when it comes to baking. It‘s also a pretty common practice to substitute baking ingredients if you happen to be lacking in your larder, or maybe you just don’t like the flavour. If you happen to be someone with a specialised diet such as vegetarianism or veganism, you can adapt the recipe to fit your desires.
I’ve listed some common substitute ingredients;
Dairy milk = Soy milk
Eggs = applesauce, silken tofu, bananas, flaxseed and chickpea flower
Sugar = honey, maple syrup, agave nectar and stevia

Improve Diet Control

Surprisingly, yes! Bread and desserts can help you manage your diet.For example, if you were trying to be healthy using the Atkins or Keto diet, you might be feeling frustrated when you get snacky. In making your own baked goods you can pick and adapt recipes to fit your diet. Once you resolve your innate craving for comfort foods, there will be an easier time feeding yourself without feeling like there’s that little something missing.



Lessen the sugar in your recipes

As little thing new bakers might not know is that they can greatly reduce the recommended amount of sugar in almost any dessert recipe. A lot of the recipes that you can find online want to ensure that you can taste the sweetness. Afterall, it’s a dessert isn’t it? That’s the whole point!
While sweetness is certainly pleasant, there’s a reason why there are so many kinds of cupcakes and not just one chocolate cupcake recipe available If you start thinking of sugar as simply and accompaniment to accentuate the other flavours already present. Besides, it would be healthier if you were to add fruit to your creations as they already contain natural sugars.
There are various ways you can incorporate fruit into your desserts;

  • Toppings
  • Curds
  • Natural flavourings
  • Fillings


Bake with unsaturated fat

Fats are generally considered to be unhealthy but there is a difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. While the health risks of saturated fats are still being debated, unsaturated fats have been given A-okay!
So feel free to replace your kitchen shelves with these healthier alternatives. However, be sure to double check if the the ingredient you wish to substitute would still work with the recipe that you are following or you might end up with a cake that doesn’t rise!

Use glacé icing

Finally, a suggestion that caters to people that are both lazy and health conscious.
Rather than the standard cream and butter icing that is in basically every dessert, use glacé icing. Simply using only icing sugar and warm water, you can get a very pretty liquid frosting that will harden after come time in the fridge.
Admittedly not as decorative versatile as cream and butter frostings, you can change things up with just a few drops of flavourings and food colouring. Maybe even dash on some fruit zest of chocolate shavings to give it some texture.
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