Since MCO 2020 most corporates have started to implement virtual team building activities! When working from home, some of us would be stuck in a room, facing the computer screen for hours. It can really bring someone down, leading to less efficiency and productivity, not to mention the lack of bonding and interaction as compared to working in the office. Virtual team building helps to keep teams connected even when they can’t physically be together.Virtual team building really will bring a lot of benefits to your team in this period of time.  If you’re looking for some ideas then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 17 creative virtual team building activities that can help bring your team closer than ever while still staying safe in the comfort of your own homes.


1. Baking

Baking is a great activity to do with your team! It can help stimulate your senses, boost your creativity, and best of all you’ll end up with delicious treats that can be shared with your family and friends! It is even said that baking can help relieve stress, which makes it a perfect choice to help you relax after many days of hard work. You don’t even need to worry too much as you will receive a complete ingredient pack beforehand. All you need to do is enjoy. With virtual baking, you can see each other’s smiling and happy baking faces through the video call. And at the end, you could have a last sharing session where you each share the taste of your cakes and your feelings towards this entire experience.


2. Terrarium

If you’ve ever seen a terrarium, you would know they look like cute little gardens in a glass ball, and making them as a team building activity is a brilliant idea! You can even unleash your creativity and customize it a little. In the session, the instructor will introduce the basic terrarium making materials such as stone, moss, sand, soil and so on, and your team will be guided step by step on how to properly place them. After learning the basic instructions, your team will have to use their imagination, creativity and most importantly their hands to create their very own unique terrarium. Through the video call, you will see everyone working hard to build their terrarium, which can give you a sense of togetherness and help you feel less alone. And afterwards you can even show each other your terrariums through the screen and see who made the cutest one. In the end, everyone will end up with a little terrarium to display in their own homes, and when you look at it, it could even remind you of the fun experience you had while doing virtual team building!


3. Soap Making

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Soap making may sound unfamiliar to some of us, especially in this fast paced world where everyone is rushing and busy. Since we can just buy ready made soap from the store, why make our own right? Actually, it’s nice to take a step back sometimes and enjoy a relaxing activity like soap making. Not only can it help relieve a little stress, but you’ll also end up with a nice bar of homemade soap for yourself! Using homemade soap can actually help protect your skin since it uses natural ingredients instead of chemicals. In this virtual team bonding event, you don’t need to worry about your soap making skills, there will be an instructor to guide your team through every single step, so you definitely won’t end up with a “porridge” formed soap! As an added benefit, your team will also gain extra knowledge on different types of soap. You can even have a last sharing session with your team, where all of you showcase your end products with different shapes and colours and share your experiences.


4. Batik Painting

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Batik is a textile art that is popular in Malaysia and Indonesia, the patterns are usually applied by actual drawing rather than by weaving. Although most batik fabric is now decorated and tailored by machine, there’s always something special about making one by your own hands. If your team wants to go on a more cultural route for your virtual team building activity then we definitely recommend batik making. During the virtual team building, your team will definitely have a fun time drawing all the shapes and patterns, you can even compete to see who can draw the prettiest flowers! And at the end, everyone may share their thoughts and experiences about the event.


5. Brush lettering

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Brush lettering is a beautiful craft that is a tribute to hand lettering and calligraphy. Just sitting quietly and drawing letter forms can bring a sense of peace and serenity within oneself. So if you’ve noticed your team has been really stressed from work lately, this activity will definitely help to calm their minds. It’s a great choice if you’re going for a more calm and peaceful activity! During the event, your team members could take the time to talk to one another while they do brush lettering, it’s a good time to catch up since you don’t see each other often anymore. At the end of it, you could even have a mini voting session where you can choose which team member has the best handwriting, and give them a small prize!


6. Mandala Art

The word Mandala is from a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle’, and drawing them is said to be able to help you connect with a deeper part of yourself. This connection is no doubt one of the reasons why the mandala has great healing energies. The act of colouring, drawing and painting can be very soothing and relaxing, and helps a person to heal and feel at ease. It is definitely a great virtual activity to do with your team as it brings many benefits! At the end, you can even have a heartfelt sharing session where all of you share the thoughts and feelings you had throughout the activity. This way, you will get to bond with your team even more and get closer with each other through this team building event.


7. Simulation Games

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If your team prefers something a little more modern and online based, then why not play some simulation games together! If you can’t meet in real life then why not meet on the internet right? Simulation games have been growing in popularity, see Animal Crossing for example! Animal Crossing New Horizons was a simulation game that blew up in early 2020. It was a game that was released at the perfect time when everyone had to stay at home. So why not play a few simulation games as a virtual team building activity, Animal Crossing or The Sims are a great place to start! In the game, you’ll get to run around and have fun with each other, while in real life you’ll get to see everyone’s laughter and smiles through the video call. This lighthearted atmosphere will surely boost everyone’s mood. With the video call, it’s even easier to ask for help or talk to each other about the game!


8. Drum playing

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Playing drums as a team not only creates a great sense of teamwork, it is also just a very fun activity overall. The act of playing drums as your virtual team building activity encourages people to pay attention to the rhythm, and become more aware of their role or position in the song. Which will improve teamwork among all team members! During this virtual activity, you will get to see each other through the video call and work together to ensure no mistakes are made, and learn to work as a team. At the end, everyone can share their thoughts and experiences from this activity in the last session.


9. Magic Workshop – teach u tricks on workshop

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Who doesn’t like a little magic in their lives right? Everyone loves watching a magician perform magic tricks, always surprised and amazed at what they’ll do next. But it actually isn’t hard to do a bit of magic yourself too! Participate in a magic workshop with your team, and learn a few basic little tricks that you can use to wow your family and friends! During the virtual team building, after learning the tricks, you and your team members can also practise with each other through the video call! This way you can master the magic tricks before showing others. After all, it’s always good to lend a helping hand, and helping each other promotes a great team bond! 


10.  Virtual escape room

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Don’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying a fun escape room! Even if you can’t go to one physically, there are actually virtual ones that you can play as well! In an escape room, your team will have to collaborate to find clues, complete tasks, and solve a variety of puzzles. By doing this as a virtual team building activity, it helps to improve communication, collaboration and decision-making skills among all members! It’s a great virtual team building activity if you want something more exciting and fast-paced. By doing this on a video call you even get to scream and freak out together, what better way to bond as a team am I right?


11. Online workout together

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Why work out alone when you can work out with your team members! Working out has many health benefits such as controlling your weight and reducing your risk of heart diseases, so do some online workouts together as a virtual team building activity. Turn on your webcams and do some exercising while you talk and bond with your team. This way everyone can also help keep track of each other! After all, staying fit and healthy is always a good thing, so incorporating it into your team building is definitely a great idea. A healthier team is a happier team!


12. Virtual Yoga

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Joining some virtual yoga classes with your team is another good option for a virtual team building activity! Not only does it help stretch out your body but it also brings a sense of calm and tranquility as you focus on the various yoga poses. It’s a great way to wind down after a hectic week of working from home. You could just turn on a yoga video and learn from there, that option is totally free of charge! But we definitely recommend getting an actual instructor to guide you through it live. This way, you’ll get to know if you’re doing your poses right! At the end, you can even have a sharing session with your team where you can share with each other your thoughts and experiences, and even share which is your favourite yoga pose throughout the session!


13. Digital Scavenger hunt

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Another fun activity for team building is doing a scavenger hunt. Of course, since you can’t hide items for your team to physically find, they’ll have to find things from their own home! For a digital scavenger hunt, you’ll need to create a list of subjective goal based items, for example, find an item that reminds you of a happy memory or find an item that is connected to a funny experience. Give your team a time limit and they’ll need to come back and share what item it is, and tell the story behind it! It’s not only a fun way to pass the time but you’ll also get to know your team members better! It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.


14. Team Songwriting

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For the music lovers, here’s another brilliant idea that you can try out. Songwriting as a team! As a virtual team building activity, you can separate into a few smaller groups and give out a main theme for the song. Then give them one or two hours of time to have a lively idea sharing session within their groups, where they can brainstorm lyrics and craft their songs. At the end, all the groups will share their creations and then vote for the best one! Of course, it doesn’t need to be all serious, make the main topic a funny one and let the groups compete to see which can come out with the most ridiculous song. It is sure to bring out tons of laughter!


15. Murder Mystery

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If you have a team that loves solving mysteries, then why not take part in a murder mystery game as your virtual team building activity! Many team building companies offer virtual murder mystery games right now, some even go to great lengths with hosts and actors to help you get immersed in the story! Of course, those are a little more costly. Thankfully, there are many companies to choose from and you can pick whichever suits your team and budget. With a murder mystery, your team will definitely have a fun time as they look for clues and hints to solve the case together. You can even have discussions through the video call and work together closely. This virtual team building activity encourages your team to think analytically, collaborate closely and communicate with one another!


16. Building a storyline

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Everyone loves a good story! And if you have a great team of creative thinkers, you’ll definitely have a fun time with this activity. In building a storyline, someone will go first with an opening sentence to start off the story, then the next person adds a sentence to continue it, and all team members will continue to take turns adding to the story until a full story is told! You can even make it more challenging by not allowing certain words to be used. This virtual activity not only forces your team to bring out their creative juices, it also helps with listening skills and improves team cooperation!


17. The Mafia game

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Mafia, or also known as werewolf is a very popular party game based on social deduction. There’s a good chance that most of you have played it before or at least know about it. Although it is a party game, it’s not all just for fun, the game also really tests your analytical, deduction and even communication skills. Your team will regularly have discussions together through the video call to figure out who the mafia is. There are many online platforms that you can join or apps that you can download to play it! The best part is that it’s entirely for free. So if you want a fun and entertaining way to do team building with little to no costs, then you can give this idea a go! A game filled with fun, loyalty, lies and even betrayals, a perfect way to bond with your team don’t you think so?

Team building is all about strengthening the bond of your team through different types of fun activities. You not only work together but you also grow together, as a close unit. We hope you’ll wholeheartedly enjoy your experience doing virtual team building. But no matter which activity you pick from our list, remember that the most important part is to just have fun and enjoy your time together! 

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