Due to the unprecedented pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, people have more time than ever at home and what better ways to spend it other than baking, right? Well, we’ve got the top 9 most trendy cakes suitable for every occasion that you can think of! Try out one of these trends the next time you bake at home. 

Some of these trends are rather quite technical for beginners and amateurs but fret not, it is still very doable and achievable. Just like any other skills, it all takes practice and high enough passion to accomplish! 


1. Fault Line Cake 

As intimidating as this looks, the fault line cake is surprisingly isn’t very technical to do at all! All you essentially have to do is start off with doing a band of buttercream of your choice across the middle bit of the cake, slap on whatever fillings you want and cover it with more buttercream, slightly overlapping the fillings. 

Best of all? You can have your imagination run wild and put whatever you want as the filings of the fault lines- oreos, sprinkles, biscoff, anything! Why don’t you give it a try and bake it yourself at home?

2. Geode Cake 

This geode crystal cake is such a showstopper, isn’t it? It looks very intricate and is very suitable for centerpieces at weddings to make sure your guests will be left in awe! The reason behind why it is very famous and trendy is because it is essentially supposed to mimic geodes which are geological secondary formations within sedimentary and volcanic rocks that look very, very exquisite! 

Many chose this design for weddings, some even for other occasions too which isn’t surprising because look at it! It definitely belonged to the top 9 most trendy cakes as it has become staples to weddings and birthdays. Anyone’s birthday coming up soon? Surprise them with this and they’ll forever be grateful! 


3. Textured Buttercream Cakes

Spatula and scraper would be your best mate in order to achieve this cake decoration. It started off with a clean, crumb-coated cake as the foundation and with dollops of coloured buttercream all over the cake. 

We believe the reason why it belonged in the list is because of how simplistic and rustic-looking the decor is, it almost feels effortless which is the vibes most people are after these days. 

Unleash your creativity with this one! The best thing of it all is that it is fool-proof and there’s no right or wrong making this cause it supposed to look rustic and a representation of your arts!  


4. Naked Cakes

This naked cakes trend is here to stay! It is quite self-explanatory with no excessive amount of buttercream, just enough to get the cake layers stacked on each other and et voila! 

This trend is very popular as it is suitable for minimalists as the overall aesthetics of is very, very minimal and rustic looking. Just started baking and have no idea how to ice your cake? Try this trend! It is effortless. All you have to do is slab on some cream between the layers, stack it and top it off with anything you want! Easy, innit? 


5. Korean Cake 

This Korean cake has recently been quite popular on social media as it is very simplistic looking without having excessive buttercream decorations like traditional birthday cakes. The base of the cake is essentially a textured buttercream cake as mentioned before, but what sets it aside is the clean-looking writings on top of the cake. 

Knows someone who is kpop-obsessed and wants to surprise them by baking this cake on your own?Learn how to now and get access to all the tips and tricks needed to produce this cake from our well-experienced chef instructors. 


6. Chiffon Cake 

This light and airy chiffon cake has been here for quite some time. However with its unique texture and fluffiness it has become an all-time favourite regardless of age groups. It. Is. So. Good!! Don’t believe us? Well, sign up now and give yourself a try!

7. Tom & Jerry Cheese Cake 

Remember the iconic cartoon Tom & Jerry and how Jerry LOVED his cheese? Well, now behold the literal-cheese-cheese looking cheesecake! Isn’t it amazing? 

In case you’re wondering, it is actually made from cake moulds and the outer shell is made of yellow-coloured white chocolate. The fillings are up to preferences, but usually it is a non-bake cheesecake fillings and you can play around by mixing in oreos, chocolates- anything under the sun!

8. Island Jelly Cake

This Island Jelly Cake might be one of the most difficult and technical cakes in this list. It involves cake carvings, paintings, the use of jelly or gelatine and a lot of patience! Despite that, the end results are magnificent and the best bit of it all? You’d get a little bit of cake and little bit of jelly. 


9. Mermaid Cake

These glittery mermaid cakes are so fun and colourful! Is your daughter’s birthday coming up soon? Express your love to her by baking this cake!! These fondant-full cake decorations are so fun to make, maybe you can ask your daughter to join for a mother-daughter bonding session and decorate the cake as well! 

Some of the listed cake trends are really simple to make and some are quite challenging. Share with us your thoughts about the cake trends and how do you feel about it! In the meantime, if you’re interested, check out these baking classes in KL/PJ. It’s that easy! With a high success rate and satisfaction from previous participants, you sure don’t want to miss this. Start baking now!